Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Stormy Night

Hi friends,

We are well into Fall weather here.

It has either been pouring rain all week or at least very cloudy.

I always love to photograph outside my doors as the scene is ever changing even when the sky is very cloudy.

You can see we have a variety of trees, some with leave intact and in colour, others with most of the leaves gone and still others that will keep their leaves all winter.

This green and red leafed tree is a dogwood tree that sits in the corner of my garden.  The dogwood flower is the official floral emblem my province. My tree is rather young yet but in Spring I like to see it's white flowers.

This is what the dogwood flower looks like.

Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

In the wee hours of the morning before I called it a night I heard a sound like glass being tapped. I ignored it at first but I kept hearing the sound.  I then turned out all the lights to peer outside my patio doors and found that my patio umbrella had broken off. The screws somehow came loose during the storm and were hitting the glass table top. I went out and brought the screws inside and laid the umbrella on the patio so it wouldn't fly through the air and damage anything. I waited until daylight to take the photo.

Right now there is no rain but it will probably be back soon.

UPDATE:  In retrospect, the storm and the falling over of my umbrella seems very symbolic.  For today (Wednesday) there was a shooting attack in Canada's Parliament Buildings after a soldier guarding the National War Memorial was shot (and sadly, later died). My thoughts and prayers are with all those who lead and/or guard our country., and particularly those that lost their loved one Corporal Nathan Cirillo.  Corporal Cirillo is the second military man in Canada to be killed this week. As the night falls here, many children in Parliament area schools and day cares and many staff and politicians on the Hill and in surround areas are in lock down while police continue to investigate and try to assure it is safe for them to leave.


  1. Heavy weather here, too, on the other side of the continent. Our picnic table, umbrella and chairs went into winter residence, under the deck last Saturday, the first day the bad weather started. Not even winter and I'm eagerly anticipating spring.

    1. I hear you Joanne, I too am eager for Spring. I don't have storage for my table, chairs and umbrella so they pretty much stay out all winter. Most city dwellers here do the same. Even those with big yards and sheds. Keep warm. x

  2. Enjoyed the pictures sweet friend.

    1. Thank you Denise. Lovely to "see" you back :-)

  3. Oh you captured rainy weather very well. We have usually have fine weather and have a saying 'aki-bare/ autumn fine-weather' :-)
    Love the last picture♪
    Sincerely from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Good Morning Joyful, I must be more vigilant about watching my list of blog updates … you got two posts in before I realized it! : - ) I thought about you, and my other Canadian friends, as the tragedy in Ottawa unfolded. Yes, we are down here in a different country, but we sure share your grief. I am so sorry for Canada and to see more gun violence there. Now, on to better things … I sure enjoyed your sky photos. And, yes, we are getting plenty of moisture down here this morning. They say it is one of those “pineapple express” storms blowing moisture up from the area in the Pacific Ocean around the Hawaiian Islands. That is quite a story about your patio umbrella. And those photos of the leaf color around your patio … can we have more, please? Love that quotation from Monday’s post. Take care, thank you for your comments on John’s Island, and wish you the best for the rest of the week. John

  5. Hi Joyful! The story of the shooting at your Parliament was on our national news. Oh my, what a sadness. A destructive storm indeed. Why are we becoming so violent? I am so sad for all involved, especially the poor man who died.
    Your sky and patio photos were really impressive. What a storm! I'm glad you decided to go out and see what was going on, or that umbrella might have flown away, or caused damage to your table.

  6. I've just read the news about it. It is sad of course when it happens to people who don't deserve such a misfortune. I imagine these people are just doing their job and they surely have families. 😦 I don't know I really don't like when unjust things happen.

    Storm eh? In Philippines we often experience storm and more. Here in Russia, it's winter which makes me shiver.

    Sorry about your umbrella but at least it wasn't your window or something more valuable.


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