Thursday, October 23, 2014

Views from My Perch & From the Street

These skies appeared above on Tuesday and captured from my patio (my perch). Though it may look cold, the temperatures are actually still rather warm.

The following photos were taken on Thursday during my stroll and a bit of "this and that" shopping.  Again the sky looks dismal but the sun smiled on us for a short while. I didn't manage to get a photo as I had my hands full of shopping!

John, of John's Island, if you are reading this, I took these photos of Fall leaves for you because you liked my dogwood tree in colour. I'm sure there are nicer trees in the hood but these ones were along my route. Most of them are immature maple trees. You may know that the maple tree is national (Canada) arboreal emblem and the maple leaf is on our nation's flag. I just love the brilliant orange and red hues in the maple trees during the Fall season.

Alas, when the winds blow and the rain falls we get all these lovely leaves falling to the ground and old man Winter is not too far behind.

The weather was still warm today but during the night as I sit in my living room I can feel a slight chill in the air. I turned on the fire place on for a while (yes it take a switch to turn on the gas).  It only takes  a little time to warm things up at this time of year.

I'm linking up with Skywatch Friday today.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. beautiful clicks. First and last pictures my favourite

  2. Lovely photos and good that you have a nice view from your perch :-) We have just had a couple of very chilly days but it warms up again today and looks good for the rest of the week. Have a good weekend Diane

  3. You are a couple weeks ahead of us here in Oklahoma. I love colorful Fall foliage.

  4. Beautiful autumnal leaves, on the trees and on the pavement. Keep snug and warm, Penny. I think of you often. Blessings Jo

  5. Fall skies have a lot of drama here, too. I like those pink leaves!

  6. A lovely collection of leaves on the pavement. Thank you for dropping in on my blog. Happy snapping!

  7. Hi Joyful, Thank you so much for taking the fall color photos and posting them for me … that is so nice of you and mentioning my blog … I’m all smiles!!! Of course, I always enjoy your sky photos … you have a good viewpoint from your patio to get the surrounding area. And, yes, the Maple tree is one of my favorites. And again, we are in complete agreement about the brilliant orange and red hues … it amazes me what nature can do and I always look forward to this time of the year. That last photo … the leaves on the walkway … just great! Consider for a moment: those leaves are all the same in some ways, and yet all different in others. Now onto the World … Joyful, this has been a tough week for those of us who love peace. The tragedy in Ottawa and now the school shooting just north of Seattle just leave me wondering what will be next. And then, I was thinking about the Ebola situation … I wonder if it is in the part of Africa where you have done so much work? I hope not. Best wishes to you for the weekend and thank you again for the photos. Looking forward to your next visit to my blog! John

    1. Hi John, thanks for stopping by! The ebola situation is largely in West Africa. I visit and help in Kenya which is in East Africa. However no country is immune from this horrible virus as we have recently learned in North America. Much prayer still needed for all affected and for the virus to be contained. So many more orphans have been left in Liberia (West African nation). Best wishes to you for a wonderful weekend too!

  8. The trees are brilliant, thank you so much for posting them as down here in Florida we do not get color changing leaves.
    Hugs to you,

  9. You have certainly captured some beautiful fall colors here!

  10. Beautiful Fall at your perch! Even the fallen leaves create a wonderful picture.

  11. Thank you for your kind comments and sharing your lovely photos
    I love to wear my maple leaf when away from home, we have much to be proud of

  12. Hello Dear Joyful, and thank you for sharing your lovely pics with us - they are all lovely and I especially like those leaves on the paving and think the variety of colours are so attractive! Thank you also for your very sweet message on mine on my return to blogland: I am trying to catch up with everyone but I can see it will take some time ….
    Wishing you happy days and an abundance of blessings, xo Joy

  13. pretty autumn images. I like the last one of the leaves on the wet street.

  14. Hi Joyful! I liked the photo of the tree that was green and red. I like the thoughts of turning and changing. It's such a powerful image. I hope your friend John enjoys your photos too!

  15. ...alas...winter will be here all too soon...

    ~Have a lovely fall day!

  16. Thanks for sharing all the lovely fall photos!


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