Beautiful in Blue

My blogging friend, Lala of Andallusia, Spain is an artistic woman of many talents. She makes fantastic baked goods and hosts pop up stores now and then where she serves tea and her beautiful baked goods.

She is also a paper artist, Years ago when we first met through blogging I purchased some beautiful hand made paper notebooks from her. Too beautiful to use I might add.  Here is one of the notebooks that I keep close by.

More recently she has been making aprons and I decided to splurge and buy one.

It has been posted and I can't wait to get it.

Here it is.

You can read more about her wonderful creations and her joyful life here.


  1. These look lovely Penny. I'll go over and have a look.

  2. I am so glad you treated yourself, you are so good to so many people you need to be good to yourself too.

  3. Good morning Joyful! The apron is simply wonderful. And the notebook as well. I especially have to smile about the notebook. I'm a notebook nut. Well, I don't collect them like postcards, but I've bought more than I can ever use. Handmade notebooks are rare and a joy to find. And you are so right ... they are usually too nice to write in! :-) I think my love of notebooks comes from my grandmother. She kept a journal in a spiral notebook like kids used in school. I just thought that was such a great thing to do. Hope you have a fine Sunday! John


I love to read all your comments.They motivate me to continue blogging. However I have to let you know that this blog does not allow comments with hotlinks.

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