Baby Fidelis Lands in Toronto

Little Baby Fidelis and her mom Martha have arrived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

 They arrived at about 12:10 p.m. on Saturday August 23, 2015.

Baby Fidelis & mom Martha, with welcome bear.
Isn't Baby Fidelis just the sweetest child? She is already holding the bear so well.

Here with host family at Pearson International Airport. The host mom is a nurse who hails from Kenya.

It is a very long journey from Kenya for mother and child.

Surgery is already set for Monday.

Please pray for the child and the doctors and nurses.

Baby Fidelis and her mom Martha are expected to be in Canada for six months as the baby undergoes
further follow-up.
I imagine there is more than one surgery involved as the baby's face has to be reconstructed.

Photo credits: I retrieved these pics from Kenyan media. I believe they were all taken by the host family & posted to Facebook to update people on the baby's safe arrival.


  1. All will be well for the precious little one.

  2. Good news for baby Fidelis and family. Will pray for the success of her operation.

  3. This is such good news - hope all goes well.

    Fidelis loves her new bear ...

    Positive thoughts and prayers for the time ahead.

    All the best Jan

  4. Thank you for the updates. A good start on a journey of recovery and restoration for Baby Fidelis and her mom. Praise the Lord for the host too.

  5. This is such a beautiful and heartwarming post. Lovely photos. I will keep Baby Fidelis and her mother, Martha, in my prayers.

  6. Hi Joyful, Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Baby Fidelis. It is wonderful to see she has made it to Canada. Let us all be praying for her surgery tomorrow to be successful!

  7. So good to see that Baby Fidelis will get the help needed!

  8. How she loves the bear already! I hope the surgery today goes well and I send strength and courage to that sweet mama in a strange country with such an ordeal ahead.

  9. Prayers for Baby Fidelis, hope all goes well.


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