Praise Report Concerning Baby Fidelis

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Approximately 9 hours ago ( 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time), the Kenyan reporters were saying the family was still trying to get visa and funds together. Slightly overlapping that update, was news that
Baby Fidelis and mom will be travelling from Kenya to Canada on Friday (tomorrow).

In another development,  His Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya was reported to have  gotten involved in the Baby Fidelis case.  It is said that he has donated money.  This is in addition to the funds donated by Muranga governor Mwangi Wairia.  The amount donated should cover all the costs associated with the long stay in Canada.

As for Joseph  (aka Alejandro) Wanjau, he was arrested on Thursday.  The police used two friends to lead him to a place where he was then arrested.  It remains to be seen what the defense will be.

I want to thank all those that have prayed for a good outcome for Baby Fidelis despite the circumstances.

Baby Fidelis

Please continue to pray that all will work out well for this family and the Baby and that there won't be any more hiccups and delays.

It has been difficult to get precise and up-to-date information concerning this situation but I have been sharing about the Baby's need on my blog for some time and know that there are people praying for this child and who want to know the outcomes. I am hopeful that things have now turned around for this family.

Today's inspirational graphic was selected because I'm inspired by the example of  the baby's family.  They haven't given up hope for this baby.  When faced with hardships and trials in a seemingly losing situation, they are doing the utmost to keep hope alive for Baby Fidelis.

There is power in love and hope.

God bless you for continuing to pray and hold this family in your thoughts.


  1. Very encouraging news concerning Baby and his family. Thank God that things are moving and we are looking to hear more good news through you. Very appropriate inspiration.

  2. Oh praise God for the kindness of President Uhuru. And for all the edifying prayers to get this little girl and her mom to Canada. Bless you too, Penny for your concern. Jo

  3. I am happy for them the perseverance has won/

  4. Very positive developments. Thank you, Joyful, for the updates. Let's all continue praying surgery will be successful for Baby Fidelis.


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