Goal Met & Some Sunshine, September 13, 2017

Hello friends,

I'm so excited to be able to say I've met my reading goals for the year. 
It was an eclectic mix of books for sure.

My official reading goal is modest . I've only selected 35 books for the year.
I already have a few more books on the go but these are various coloured icing on the cake :-)

I hope all is going well for you wherever you are.


I'm so pleased to know that many of my blog friends in Florida have now reported they are safe after Hurricane Irma and they all came out reasonably unscathed. Thank God for that though I am still waiting to hear from one friend in Orlando.

Hurricane Irma also left many Canadians  stranded in the Caribbean.  Some on holiday but also residents and seasonal residents, students and business people.
Canada has airlifted 1,652 citizens out of the Caribbean since Saturday, according to the latest figures from Global Affairs.
Some Canadians are unhappy that the government help arrived a bit later than the help for the citizens of other nations. Some are thinking about those who travelled to these hurricane prone countries even though there was a severe travel advisory against travel. I'm sure there will be much more in the news to come.
(Source:  CBC News, September 13, 2017)

Closer to home the wild fires still rage across a good part of my province, next door in Alberta and farther east in the Province of Manitoba.
Yesterday, the BC Wildfire Service reported that as of September 12th, there are still 136 wildfires (over .01 hectares or larger) burning in the province.
So far in  the fiscal year 2017, the province has seen 1,246 wildfires burn 1.28 million hectares. That compares to a 10-year average of 154,944 hectares burned.
(Source: The Georgia Straight, September 12, 2017)


Weather here is quite a lot cooler than it was a week ago. I'm needing a bit of adjustment as I'm still using summer covers and have my windows wide open all night.  Last night for the first time I felt a distinct chill and a cramp coming on. Reluctantly I realized it is soon time to change out the linens and blankets change my habits a bit to accommodate the cooler climate.

The days are beautiful and sunny though I realized last night that the sun sets over 2 full hours earlier than it did in the middle of July. I miss the longer days but Fall is one of my favourite seasons.
The only thing I don't like about Fall is that Winter will arrive soon and it seems to be a longer season than Fall, Summer or Spring!

I haven't had time to clear out the garden.  I've decided I will probably just leave it until the Spring.
Joanne from Cup on the Bus,  reminded me that the birds can come and eat over the winter if I leave my garden as is.  It makes good sense given that my city is not usually covered in snow for very long.
I know in previous Winters I have enjoyed watching the birds come to peck around in the garden and am always grateful then that they have a garden to come and peck around in.



  1. I am so happy that you are achieving your goals, and your books look great. Gorgeous photos.

  2. Ooo - looks like an interesting mix of books!

  3. Beautiful shot of the city and sky. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congratulations on meeting your goal, and thanks for sharing your photos at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/09/pop.html

  5. Holy Maloley, that's a lot of books! Good for you! I'm coming close to mine. Currently into a 650-pager and wondering why I decided to do that near the end of the year when time matters! Well, it's a goodone!

    Lovely photos. I love seeing your city. The wildfires break my heart.

  6. Great that you have met your goals. I love reading.
    We have friend on the BVI who is still there, he has been unable to get off as no ferries are running and he cannot get to an airport. Luckily he he a computer expert and he has managed to keep in touch with the outside world. His house thankfully is solid concrete so he is one of the few that still has a house standing.
    Take care Diane

  7. You sure read a lot Joyful! I love reading too.

  8. Hi! It's nice fall is one of your favorite season. I like fall season too. The sky is very beautiful in your photo. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You definitely put me to shame with your reading goals. I'm glad all is well, but sad to hear the wild fires are still prevalent. Your garden is still looking pretty xxx

  10. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm in Oregon, USA, and we are also struggling with wildfires all over the place. Some days, the smoke is just terrible, but the past few days have not been too bad since the wind shifted. I love your garden with the pots--they are very pretty.

  11. The flowers you still have are just lovely. How great that you have visitors in the winter as well as the other seasons! Being in the southern hemisphere, I am so anxious to see spring soon.

  12. So sad to hear about the Hurricane and fire. Certain states in our country was affected by the flood cause by the typhoon. The rainy weather has also delay my gardening. Your garden is still in good state. Have a beautiful new week!


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