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Hello everyone,

Greetings from Vancouver where the temperature is still like the middle of summer . 
The weather forecast for the day was 34 Celsius and sunny skies.  The weather will cool off considerably by the weekend.

I guess then it will be time to clear the garden. I usually just leave everything until the Spring but it makes more work for me then to put the garden in. 

If I clear it before the Winter this year it hopefully means I will be better prepared to put my garden in next year.
I wonder if I will ever get the hang of the "gardening thing"?
I'm lucky to get some containers planted each year to enjoy some beautiful blossoms but this year due to prolonged rainfall during the time when we should have been planting gardens, there were fewer options for the starter plants I wanted. I even went to many more places to look for them. I finally got most of what I did plant from Costco (the red geraniums below) and Home Depot (the pink petunias above and black eyed susans below).

Forest fires continue to burn throughout the province and across the southern border in the USA.  Earlier this week very remote communities in Manitoba to the east had to be evacuated as wild fires started there. This was a huge effort because so many people had to be airlifted to safety and taken to Thunder Bay and Winnipeg.

 The area where the fire is burning is covered in dense forest interspersed with a multitude of lakes and so is difficult to travel in and out. 1500 people from a First Nations community had to be airlifted to safety.
(Source: CBC News)
(Source: CBC News)

The air quality index for Vancouver today looks like this. 

I postponed my appointment with the Travel Clinic where I intended to get booster shots for my out of date vaccinations because I thought it was going to be 34 degrees today and sunny and hot. I thought I'd go at the end of week when it is expected to cool off.
In making my appointment I discovered that Yellow Fever vaccination used to be good for ten years (the stamp I have says mine is good for ten years). Now the World Health Organization says you do not need a booster shot and one shot is enough for a life time.
I hope my stamp doesn't cause any problems for entering Kenya.
The travel clinic says that affected countries know the updated advice on Yellow Fever.

Sky overhead today, September 5, 2017

Joining in with Our World Tuesday today.


  1. I tend to leave my flowers go for the winter. Birds feed from them.

  2. I was listening to the Current this morning and we are to get more and worse wildfires. I think B.C. knows that this year.

  3. We are supposed to warm up next week but it's quite cool here -in the 60's. Your flowers are still pretty!
    The fire is something. I hope it's ale to be put out soon.

  4. Your weather looks much the same as ours. I could do with it a little warmer I prefer it in the upper 20's. We have cleared out some of our veggie patch but what is left will survive for a bit longer. Mostly now root vegetables. I think my last yellow fever was in 1952/3 when we travelled through Africa so I am sure mine is not working any more! Have a good weekend Diane

  5. Yes I know it's been crazy times. Love your garden. When will you be off to Kenya?

  6. i love to work in the garden :-) your flowers are so pretty ! weather here is the same, today it's getting more rainy and a bit colder. autumn comes soon, it's getting cosy ;-) and i'll do all kind of crafts by candlelight with lots of hot tea

  7. The weather here is a bit Cooler and looks like early Autumn. It's nice you have the warmer weather, hope the air quality improves for you soon xxx

  8. I know you are farther north than I am, but oh, I hate the thought of clearing the garden just yet!

    The weather/fires -- just terrible. I'm sure you can smell it in the air and just the thought of the loss of all that forestation breaks my heart...


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