Loss of a Legend

Today the world lost a bright light, a legend in the music industry. The gentle giant known as Don Williams.  He was only 78 years old.

I'm so very sad and I join his millions of fans around the world in wishing him God speed to eternal glory and comfort for his wife and loved ones.

I first heard his music when I was baby sitting for a neighbour at the young age of 16. I've been a fan ever since. No one could sing a song and make it sound so sweet like he could.

Don Williams was a master crooner. Virtually every song he sang is a favourite of mine. But this one I share with you as it was one I often played. It's called "Lord I Hope this Day is Good". I think this concert was in South Africa.

Even when I travelled to Kenya I was astonished to hear his music in so many taxi rides I took. It seems his fame extended all around the world.

This documentary of his trip to Harere in Zimbabwe, Africa is also a favourite of mine.  You can't help but be touched by the sensitive, kind nature of this gentle musician. You also will be touched by the opening song by two blind street musicians playing on battered and home spun instruments. It speaks to the love the people had for this amazing musician.

#RIP Don Williams

Those of us who loved your music will truly be missing your light and love.


  1. I had not heard about this until I read your post. Wonderful tribute! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I like your choice of song. I,ve listened to it many times

  3. Oh no, Penny, this is the first I hear about Don William's passing. What a loss. Blessings Jo (PS, please bear with me; I'll get back to you on e-mail. I'm too busy at the shop to write it and at home at night I'm so tired. This weekend; I promise...)

  4. Sounds like a great loss, but for some unknown reason I have never heard of him. Surprising as he has sung in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. May he RIP. Diane

  5. I don't know Don Williams, so I'm so very glad you shared the videos. It is a loss to music and I know to his fans.


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