After the Pain

Hello everyone,

Since my last post I have suffered a lot of pain. After taking so many painkillers I decided to call the dental office and let them know I needed to get in sooner than my scheduled appointment. I had been on wait list but had not received a call. A few people commented on my last post that their dental offices have space for emergencies. I guess I didn't consider my situation an emergency because I didn't realize that the tooth giving me a problem still had roots.

Long story short, I did go in a few days earlier to the dentist and it was discovered that I had an abscess which needed to be cleaned out right away. Since then I only had a bit of pain after the freezing came out. I've now got antibiotics and pain killers to use as needed. I return Monday for the work to be completed. I'm not sure yet about other work as there is another major piece of work that needs doing under a bridge which now needs to come out and hopefully redone. When I saw the dentist a few months ago he thought he could work around it so I'm not sure why he says something different now. Maybe the x-rays tell the story but the affected tooth has no roots. So I'll wait and see. The main priority was getting rid of the tooth pain and is more or less gone. Thank goodness!


These sky photos were taken around 5 a.m. from my patio

Sunrise June 9, 2019

Sunrise June 9, 2019

Sunrise June 9, 2019

These plants are all from my patio garden

Geranium in a pot.

Catmint (not cat nip)
Remember the pansies were almost dead before I potted them but they are doing very well now.

Pink petunias


I've been taking a 1 mile walk each day in my neighbourhood (running errands, going to appointments and to the community garden plot), I spend 10 minutes a day, sometimes 20 minutes on the whole body vibration (WBV) machine, I take supplements for arthritis and try to eat more greens.  The knee pain has greatly reduced but is still there in the background if you will. I will continue with my regimes and next time I see the doctor I will ask for a referral to the arthritis specialist to discuss what my options are.  There can be quite a long wait for knee replacements where I live but they assess each person to see whether you should go on a priority list.

On my last post Yoko commented that I must strengthen the thigh muscles to help the knee pain. I remember when I was getting physiotherapy for the knee I was given some exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee so I will start doing those again. The WBV machine also increases muscle mass in my legs so that helps.   The knee pain returns when I haven't been using WBV. There have actually been studies showing that WBV is good for arthritis sufferers (if you get the right kind of WBV machine) and I did experience great relief for several years after first being afflicted by arthritis many years ago.  My situation was much worse back then and I was eventually able to walk pain free after a lot of rehabilitation (as described above) and supplements.

I continue to keep very busy with the missions in Kenya. Right now I'm trying to help Eunice and her family who are dealing with life and death issues and the heavy financial burden.  Some of you may remember that Eunice  suffers from a blood issue. Either the blood is clotting and causing sudden hospitalization or she needs a lot of blood transfusions. I fear that she cannot go on much longer as she has already been through so much but God only knows for sure.

The main source of need is to pay for blood at a cost of 3000 Kenyan shillings per pint ($40 Canadian/$30 American) and she needs blood every other day. It gets expensive.  Her family has been getting relatives to travel in from several hours away to donate blood to try and reduce the costs but even this is a hardship because most of them are very poverty stricken and its hardship to spend on the transport and try and eat a bit on the journey to hospital and back. Kindly keep this woman and her family in prayer as the hospital she has been in for some time is several hours away from her home. The specialized kind of care she needs isn't available where she lives.

Ernest Ruto has gone home from hospital but there is still an outstanding balance of about $180 Canadian owing to the Kericho District Hospital. It's important to clear the bill not only because the money is owed but because it is the least expensive hospital option in Kericho Town and if the bill is not paid Ernest will have a hard time to get future medical assistance. I thank God for those who helped get this man home to recover. He is far happier to be recovering at home. Another benefit is that the hospital bill is not increasing since Ernest is no longer occupying a bed.

About a month or so ago I finished the last crochet blanket I was working on. I let it sit around for weeks as I just couldn't seem to get to tieing off the ends and taking a photo.

Finally I put all the loose threads to the back so I could take a photo of the blanket. I spread it out on the grass at the park because it is too large to get a good photo at home.  It is a twin size blanket so I also can't get a good photo of it on the sofa or on a larger bed.  Since I took the photo I have finally woven in and tied up all the loose ends at the back. I just need to prepare the blanket for mailing to my aunt so she can take it to my uncle.  I do hope it won't go missing at the care home where he lives as I've learned that things often get stolen in care homes.  That reminds me that I need to put a name label on the blanket before I mail it. It might help a bit.

I had the service man from the telecommunications company here to upgrade the modem and digital and PVR boxes. The equipment I had was first generation stuff from about 10 years ago and it really needed to be upgraded. What a difference it has made too. I no longer have such long delays and pauses when I use the remote controls. I also now only have to use one remote control rather than 2 and the speed of everything is much better even though I'm still on relatively low internet speed.  I've been waiting for years to get the fastest internet speed and it has been available now for awhile. But sadly the strata council and the telecommunications representative had an issue which led to a stand off and the end result is we cannot get the high speed internet right now.   So the upgrades are a God send and really correct the main issues I've been having. The service man will return in a few weeks to do one more thing which will allow me to have more streaming capability in the apartment. When you have guests or roommates it is much better to have more than 2 streams at a time to use for HD television (2 for watching in different rooms and one for recording). I am probably not explaining things properly but some of you may know what I'm trying to say, lol.

Other that that I've finally got things handled with the new financial advisor and I've made a few financial decision which I had put off for some time while I deliberated about finding a new advisor. I'm pleased with the progress I've made and will be doing more analysis and tweaking over the coming months.  I asked my new advisor if there were any incentives available for making the switch and I was given a choice of gift cards in the amount of $100. It was a bit disappointing since they give $300 for new bank accounts but I am still happy to have something. If I didn't ask I wouldn't get.  I chose a gift card for movies as that is one thing I like to attend throughout the year but I don't like paying today's prices.

Weather here has been very hot. It is usually me complaining about the heat but as I walk down the street my neighbours and some times complete strangers complain to me about the heat. Usually people just love hot weather but it seems this year those that don't are a bit more vocal. I am sure we are off to another dry summer and I just hope we get a few good rainfalls here and there. In May we only had 30.5 mm of rain which is just barely over 1 inch and well below the norm.

Every day or every other day I water my small balcony garden and go to the community plot to water that too. The community plot I have has a mish mash of plants because there are things coming up that were planted by the previous tenant.  I don't want to pull anything out until I can see what is growing. My lettuce, sunflowers and beans seem to be doing well. I didn't have poles for the beans when I planted so now need to get some up pronto so I purchased some 5 foot high bamboo poles. I didn't have time to go searching for alternatives and just bought these in a package of 25 at a store in my neighbourhood.  In future I hope to have some good enough photos to share of the little plot.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will come again.


  1. I understand your pain well because I have experienced almost the same thing (cysts in jaw bone). Rest is very important. I had to rinse regularly with some salty water after the operation.

    I love your blanket. What is it a nice one. Love all the sky photos.

    I prayed for you.

    1. Aw, so sorry about the cysts. I hope all is well now in your jaw. I agree about rest. Today I had a long nap and it really helped. Thanks you for your prayers and your compliments.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better...your flowers and your afghan are beautiful!
    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. What an aweful story about your pain.
    But I love your photos, the skies are wonderful.

  4. I also was up at five this morning taking sunrise picture.
    Coffee is on

  5. Sure glad to hear that tooth is giving you so much pain now.
    Beautiful skies and blooms.
    Nice job on the blanket!! Pretty.

  6. I am glad that you managed to get into the dentist earlier than planned an abscess is no fun!!!! Hopefully all the problems will soon be sorted. I still have a temporary cap which has to be done soon, but the costs are outrageous and the temporary is doing a good job!!!!

    I wish we could complain about the heat we are still wearing jerseys - in June it is hard to believe!

    Your blanket is beautiful.

    Have a good weekend, Diane

  7. Sorry to hear about your dental problems, but glad the pain is better. I really have going to the dentist, but it is necessary. Beautiful sky and flower photos!

  8. Tooth pain (head pain ) is one of the worst. I'm glad something has been done.

  9. I'm glad your tooth is feeling better. I've had an abscess before and it is quite awful!
    Your flowers are beautiful and the blanket turned out so pretty.
    I'm so glad Ernest was able to go home. He must have had quite a break by the look of the photo.

  10. Beautiful photos. I am so glad you got some pain relief and I hope they can repair it once and for all. Prayers are going your way and for Ernest and others you've mentioned. So many people need help and prayer never ends. Lovely blanket! I hope you are pain free until you see the dr. again.

  11. Gorgeous sky and flowers. None of us like toothache, its torturing. There is one tooth that needs to be extracted one of these days. I delayed since there is no pain. The screws on the leg looks scary.

  12. Hello, I am glad you are feeling better, between the tooth and the knee. Your sky images are lovely and the flowers are beautiful. My son had the same contraption on his broken leg when he was young. I was happy to see it heal. Your blanket is beautiful, well done. I wish you well, take care! Have a happy day and weekend.

  13. Wow, you have a lot of things going on!! Glad your teeth pain is abated. Beautiful sky and flower shots. I hope your weekend is going well.

  14. Hope, pain getting better and better soon...
    Beautiful sky and flowers...

    Have a wonderful summer

  15. So glad your pain has lessoned. What fantastic photos. I've enjoyed learning and reading your post. Have a week of blessings my friend.

  16. It sounds grim, Penny. I hope it's all better by now.

  17. My, my, you have a lot on your plate. But I do take it from the length of your post (not a negative comment) that you are feeling better. As you know, I am a gardening nut so I love your garden photos. I am new to catmint and we now have three in our garden - gorgeous and the critters leave them alone! I hope you find solutions for some of your other aches and pains, and I am praying for your friends in Kenya.


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