Status Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of June so far.

I have been kept busy with the usual: gardening, doctor appointments, family, changing financial advisors, dealing with estate matters and other legal issues, catching up with friends and reading.

It has been a bit hot this week but not for overly long.  Thank goodness. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a bit of rain. I hope we get a good amount to help the gardens along.

Right now I'm suffering from a lot of inflammation. I have both a tooth infection, resulting in headaches and knee pain. The pain is almost constant and for the first time ever I've had to take Tylenol for pain. I've also started to seriously contemplate knee surgery or least speaking to the doctor about it.  To try and help myself  I've been back on the whole body vibration machine,  taking daily walks and various supplements.  In the last 2 days the knee pain has eased a lot.

I scheduled a dental appointment but due to some issues with the front desk staff at the office there have been delays in getting insurance approvals for the dental work.  My appointment is almost 2 weeks away and I've asked to be on the wait list. In the meantime I'm trying to do pain management. I don't expect to be on line much due to it being hard to concentrate with toothaches and headaches.

On a brighter note, I was able to volunteer to raise awareness of Compassion Canada. There were about 140 of us who went to the Pacific Coliseum where Hillsong United of Australia was playing to a sold out crowd. Our volunteer efforts consisted of handing out child information package and collecting completed applications.  Afterwards many of us stayed to listen to the concert.  Of course we were not allowed into the areas where people paid for their tickets and we had to be respectful of security staff who were very sensitive about it all. Each volunteer received a free Hillsong CD and a Compassion T-shirt which was nice. Many of the songs sung in the concert are from the new CD.  I really enjoyed the worship experience and many of those in attendance said the sinner's prayer at the invitation by the band leader.  I pray that these dear ones would be able to grow in their faith as the days and weeks go on.

Update: I received an update from Compassion staff on June 5th. The total volunteer count was 187 people. Two hundred ninety three children received new sponsors.  There is potential for an additional 93 sponsors because that is how many child information packages were handed out but have yet to be turned in.  That's so awesome.

Orientation Leader

Band Rehearsal

Volunteers enjoying the Orientation Leader's sense of humour.

Hillsong United concert underway.

In Other News

Ernest in Kenya has gone home to recover from recent leg surgery however he will have a long recovery ahead.
So far we still need $180 Canadian to clear the hospital bill and a bit more to cover transport back and forth (a vehicle needs to be hired) medicines and doctor follow up care and possibly some medical supplies.
For further information kindly click on the top left of this blog.

If you are able to help with a donation  you can make it

To send money you need an email address.
You can click here for it.

Otherwise, please consider sharing this fundraiser within your circles.

Thank you and have a wonderful week or two while I'm off recovering.
I will try to visit your blogs here and there.


  1. Wishing you and Ernest the best!

  2. Hope, you are feeling better soon...
    I like rain too, at least to calm down summer temperatures....

    Best wish to you and your

  3. Sorry to hear you have been having the headaches and knee and other pains , praying for your health in full recovery for everyplace that ails you! Looks like a great event that you were able to help with and enjoy the worship experience!! Prayers of recovery and Provision for Ernest, bless you for all that you do for others! Enjoy a good rest and may the LORD Bless you and keep you and shine His face upon you and give you His great Peace! And His great Healing! ♡

  4. Sometimes our world speeds up a little too much. through in a few health issues and things get out of control. It will all work out.

  5. I'm so sorry you've been dealing with health issues, Penny. That's never fun but it sounds like there are a bunch all at the same time, which is definitely worse. I think the work and mission of Compassion Canada sounds wonderful. Thanks for volunteering for this -- I know your work helps.

  6. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and hope you're feeling better.
    Always a blessing to hear others coming to Christ!! : )

  7. Pain in its many forms can be so hard to manage - I hope you find permanent solutions. It seems the event you attended was successful on many fronts - how good of you to volunteer for such a worthy cause and to share it with the rest of us!

  8. Joyful, I think you should think twice before touching the knee. A Japanese friend of mine in Rome had problems with her knees (in her case though it might be made worse because she was quite heavy, and didn't walk much) and had surgery on both, at different times. It didn't help at all, I remember how she complained that the knees still bothered her. Anyway, try first with physiotherapy...even just sitting on a chair at home and lifting and bending the knee, on a mat would be better of course. Then I'm glad to hear you are also walking, I think that is the best treatment. Not running or anything, but just walking nice and easily, without carrying any weight. So you have also been to Paris? I went there about 20 years ago, but now I don't go anywhere because I am afraid to fly. I think I did too much travelling when I was young, but at that time it was fun to travel, now when I look on TV all those crowds at the airport or train station, or ports, I really don't feel like travelling. I don't like crowds so I try to stay away. Try to sort out your pictures and post them, I would love to see them. I hope your toothache is better, I get it all the time, it's horrible.

  9. Oh, I do feel sorry for you toothache is no fun. Our dentist here usually takes time over emergency problems but not if you have toothache. For that they will fit you in somehow, even if only to just relieve the pain and book you in later for further treatment. Take care and look after that knee as well. Have a good day, Diane.

  10. Penny, I am so sorry to hear about this toothache that is causing you so much pain. I will be praying that you will be able to be seen before the two weeks are up. That is a long time to wait. xx

  11. Sounds like you have been very busy as well as suffering a bit with some pain. I pray that the pain in the tooth goes away soon, as well as the headaches. And also praying for the knee pain to subside. I do hope you won't have to have surgery. Praying for your friend Ernest also. May God relieve his pain and heal his leg. Thank you for all that you do, and for being a good witness for Christ in all that you do. God bless you dear friend.

  12. Praying for healing for you and for Ernest. I hope you both find complete relief soon. I'll be thinking of you.

  13. May God complete your work and give you more and more. Thanks for sharing this.
    Asmi recent posted
    Four Weddings and a Funeral

  14. I too am praying for healing for both you and Ernest my friend and God bless you for all you are doing my friend.

  15. You’re such a tough lady leading busy days while enduring pains. Two weeks waiting for tooth pain is unbelievable. Here, a dentist will treat a patient without appointment for urgent need though you have to wait for long, but only in a day. Regarding knee problems, you’d better increase muscle on your thigh. Walking is a good exercise to get fit and remain healthy but not enough for gaining muscles. There must be something you can do to ease the knee pain as you did. Wish you peace of mind physical-wise, and Emest, too.


  16. Un saludo desde Almería España


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