Tuesday 4: Travelling

I'm joining in with Tuesday 4 this week.

Annie at Cottage by the Sea continues this meme in memory of Toni Taddeo.  This week's questions are about travel.

1. How far have you gone from home and where did you go?

I've travelled far and wide though not quite as far as I would like. The farthest point from my home is Kenya in East Africa. The distance from Vancouver, Canada to Nairobi, Kenya is 14,388 km or 8940 miles. The 2nd farthest I've been is Cairns, FNQ in Australia which is 11,496 km or 7143 miles.

Mount Longonot, The Great Rift Valley, Kenya

2. Do you think the hassle of travel is worth the trouble?

When I was younger I would enthusiastically say 'yes'.  These days I find travelling is hard on me physically not to mention all the work involved in planning long distance travel. So I do not enjoy the actual preparation for travel, needing to save funds for the journey or the actual travel. I do enjoy it once I'm at my destination.

My last trip to France and Kenya made me think that travel is no longer worth the hassle. I found myself running from one gate to another and barely making my connections due to all the security checks. It means that in future I have to add even more time for flight connections not to mention factoring in the time and hassle of whatever new conditions will be put in place due to the Covid pandemic. Nonetheless I still expect I will do a bit more travelling.

Palace of Versailles, France

Travel once you get to your destination is also a lot more fun if you are driven around by a driver or people who know the place you are visiting. Otherwise it is usually a hot and tiring mess.

3. Are there places you would like to visit or have plans for visiting?

Yes I have plans for future travels but besides travel within Canada, I only have plans to visit Kenya again. It would also be nice to visit several places in Europe, the UK (after Brexit I'm not sure if the UK is still technically part of Europe), Israel and Egypt.  I have done a bit of  European travel with trips to Germany, France, Czech Republic and Holland. I never tire of seeing some places over and again and there are still so many new places I have yet to see.

4. What trip was the best you've ever had?

It's hard, if not impossible, to pick just one. The best international trips were to New Zealand and all down the eastern coastline of Australia by car. I was a lot younger then and enjoyed everything including sleeping in hostels and being generally more adventurous. Another great trip loaded with pleasant memories was my first trip to Kenya about 14 or 15 years ago. I loved everything about it and one of the highlights was going on a safari and getting to  stay at a beautiful lodge in one of the country's many national parks. I've been back to Kenya several times due to missions work I do. Canada also has many great travel opportunities and I've enjoyed many road trips but the trip to Niagara Falls was a highlight.



 I'm joining in with Tuesday 4.


  1. I love the pictures you shared. You have been to some exciting places. That palace is beautiful!

  2. wow love hearing about peoples travels so very cool that you have had this opportunity I enjoy traveling, but like most not sure that hassle now days is worth it. We are planning on doing daycations this year.

  3. Hello,
    You have been to many wonderful places. I would love to do a safari in Kenya. Australia and New Zealand would be another dream trip for me. Traveling can seem like a hassle at times, security at the airports can take a long time. I love your photos, neat shots of the lion and zebra. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. I love this. Questions like this are always entertaining to me as I learn more about my blogging friends. That lion photo is amazing.

  5. You've done a lot of traveling! I love your photos.
    The only country I've been in other than the US is Canada. I do love to travel though - just need time off from work and the money to do it. :)

  6. Wow, that is a lot of traveling (to Africa)...I am not sure if I would have the patience to do so, smiles.

  7. I love that you have been able to travel and to such exotic places. That is awesome. Your pictures are fantastic. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


  8. You have really done a lot of traveling! Great experiences and wonderful photos.. glad you shared them :)

  9. These are some exotic and fantastic places to travel. Amazing pictures. Will surely plan to travel some of these places

  10. That Kenya view is breath taking!! Have a great week!

  11. What wonderful opportunities you've had to travel! I can't imagine going to Kenya or New Zealand. I agree that with travel the preparation is the hardest. Once I'm there, it's great! Loved learning of your travel experiences.

  12. You sound traveled to many places and safari in Kenya could be a dream to many alike who love visiting wilderness. Great shot on the African landscape and the french palace... i don't like places that are crowded and hassle.

  13. You have travelled to many interesting places. Africa seems to be a beautiful place.

  14. What a wonderful and exciting life you have led, traveling far and wide to many interesting places. And I've only stepped out of the states into Canada for one very short trip! There was a time when I wanted very much to go to Africa...we even prayed about becoming missionaries there to Kenya at one time, many years ago, but God said thank you, but I have work for you to do right here. And so here we stayed, in the states, that is. We moved a LOT over the years, so I guess that was our "travel" time. God uses each of us in different ways. I am happy He blessed you with the ability to do such interesting work and travel. You should write a memoir!!

  15. I have travelled from the UK to South Africa by road, and flown to Asia, Australia and North America. Miles I have no idea but the road trip was approx 7000 miles.
    Have a good weekend, we are nearly there, Diane

  16. You have been to so many wonderful places, I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  17. Very Nice Place For Sure Will visit there with a big group


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