Thursday, October 13, 2022

Mid Week Check In

 Hi friends and fellow bloggers,

Today I'm sharing some photos taken over the past week. We are experiencing drought in my province and our summer like weather continues.  Today all over the province we had temperatures you might expect in August or September even though we are now well into autumn season. 

The gardens were finished long ago.  You can see in the photos (below) some patches of yellow (dead grass) and the Dogwood tree on my patio actually shriveled up and died. It hadn't been looking healthy for awhile. I didn't do much this year to the garden because by next spring I'm expecting the entire patio garden to be dug up in order to replace the membrane which has been examined and shown to be leaking.  

The weather is perfect for me for walking because it isn't too hot or too cold. The walking I've been able to do more frequently is helping me feel stronger than I have in awhile.  But the lack of rainfall is a huge concern. On Tuesday's weather report, the meteorologist said we've only had 16 mm of rain so far in October when normally we would have 160 mm.  To be fair, we are not quite half way through October but there doesn't appear to be any rain on the horizon for at least a week. It seems that we either have record rainfall or record number of days without rain. You might remember that we had a very long spring with a lot of rain and our warm weather didn't arrive until May when DH arrived. It has been quite good weather for him as he gets accustomed to the climate and seasons here.


The photo below shows my new nail colour. It's dark blue though it looks black. I usually go for rose or burgundy tones.  This time I wanted something different and I chose this dark colour which I quite like.  Some women wear black but that doesn't appeal to me. Next time I will try a neutral or natural tone if they have it.  The place where I have been going has a very limited supply of regular nail polish colours and a very extensive range of gel colours. I use gel on my fingernails but I like my finger and toenails to match. They are usually 'off' in colour.  It won't matter much because soon I'll be wearing closed toes and when the much colder weather arrives I'll give the pedicures a rest. Nail technicians always remark on how short my nails are. I usually have to trim them before I return to the salon because they tend to break or peel as a result of always dipping my hands in hot water to do the dishes. I tend not to wear rubber globes though I really should because the dish detergents and hot water are very hard on my skin too.

Last week, I went to the thrift store to find something for DH. Not only did I find something for him but I found this stunning glass leopard vase for me. I've wanted one for awhile and kept checking various sources however they were far too expensive. When I saw this one I couldn't pass it up though I wasn't actually looking for one at the time.  I promptly brought it home and filled it the next day with carnations and mums just in time for our Thanksgiving holiday meal. Real and faux flowers are my only nod to autumnal decorating.

Besides going here and there I've also been very busy at home.

Firstly, I found water damage in the master bathroom when I had a friend over to recaulk the tub and regrout a small area of the tiled wall. As he cut away the grout, it was evident that the tiles were coming loose.  A bit of investigation turned up the water damage and it needed to be patched and repaired. It took the better part of Saturday and I'm glad my friend was here to do the unanticipated work.  A full renovation of the tub & shower area will be needed but hopefully the repair job will hold  until then.

More decluttering was accomplished this week and my focus was on getting the tools organized.  One kitchen drawer, the tool box and a bag of tools were all cleaned, sorted and rearranged for better flow.   I still have a small tub of tools and odds and ends to sort through; most of which will probably be discarded. You can see I keep a bag of disposable gloves but I never wear them. I seem to have a lot of bamboo skewers and interestingly they come in handy for a lot of things besides cooking.

Last but  not least, I completed weaving the ends of several dish cloths I knitted some time ago. I always save up a bunch of cloths and do the finishing all at one time.

I've restarted my physiotherapy and RMT sessions after several weeks break.  I'm expecting to be fully finished with all the therapy by the end of November. I'll be glad when that comes because it is difficult trying to coordinate 2 different therapist schedules with my own and the cost is very expensive and even more so now with a recent price increase.  By the the time you talk and update the therapist, you  really get only 15 or 20 minutes maximum of therapy from a 30 minute session. Even with partial coverage there is no way I can afford an hour long session.  

Once the sessions are all done we will likely all be in high gear for Christmas.  I can't believe I'm saying that already but before you know it, Christmas will be here again.  I'm hoping to have more time to enjoy the lead up to the season this year. 

Thanks for dropping by my corner of the world. I hope to also read your updates soon!


Rhodesia said...

Lovely set of photos. Thank goodness our drought seems to have broken and we have had a lot of rain over the past week. I love that vase it is gorgeous. Well done on the dish cloths.
Keep safe and stay well, Diane.

Red said...

Whoa! Just a minute. What about Halloween and Remembrance day?

Joyful said...

Thank you Diane. I'm glad you like the vase and dishcloths and that you hot a break I the drought. We don’t have any significant rain in sight for foreseeable future though.

Joyful said...

Ha, ha. You're right Red. I actually forgot all about them for a minute.

Jeanie said...

I'm a little envious of your still-summer but so sorry that it is accompanied by drought which is really sad and very concerning. So's that bathroom work that needs to be done. (I have to tackle some stuff like that too and hate it.) So glad you are back in PT but I know what you mean about expense. If I didn't have insurance, I couldn't afford it. That vase is a stunner -- very interesting and unique -- I've never seen one like it and I can see why it came home with you!

Joyful said...

Hi Jeanie, I have to say that I am both happy and concerned about our continuing summer. I find that as I get older I cannot handle the cold very well due to poor circulation in the legs. I'm happy that colder weather is delayed but concerned about what it means for the coming months when we don't have adequate water supply. Already the salmon in at least one creek did not make it up river to spawn due to low water levels. This is a very concerning and sad situation. As for the bathroom work that needs doing, it just adds to my seemingly endless list of things that need doing. But I march on and make a bit of progress here and there. I am pleased about my thrifting finds of late. I don't really need anything and am trying not to add clutter but now and then it's nice to score a good find.

diane b said...

Well done for walking again. Sad that the treatments are so expensive. Just as well the damage behind the tiles was discovered before it got worse. Wish I could get around to decluttering.

Joyful said...

Hi Diane, you are right that it was good to catch the water damage before it got much worse.

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