blue, blue, blue.
any shade will do.
out of all the colours in the wheel,
it seems i like this one more,
for real

{Joyful Servant, 27-06-09}

in my walk in the brilliant sunshine yesterday, i happened across this lovely old building, with beautiful, blue, exterior walls and crisp, white trim.

it reminded me very much of fairy tales, my trip to prague and wedgewood china.

the lovely metal gate in black, is also perfectly framed by the lovely blue wall.

the side of the building is in the shade giving the
exterior walls a much fuller body.

as i was snapping these pictures, i was reminded of seeing the writer, frank kafka's house, in prague, czech republic.
the particular house i'm recalling is small and located near the royal palace.

some day i would love to get back and see more of prague!
the city is so alive with coloured buildings, blues, yellows, russets.....

[caption: frank kafka's house number 22, credit:]

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