Joy over Bus Dedication

This recent story of a bus dedication posted on my friend Pastor Jonah's blog gave me joy. Read more here about the Missions of Hope.

This week, I had a great time with young people from a high school that is not far from where I stay. The school is now called Kericho Tea Boys High School. It's sister school is called Moi Tea and is not too far too from where we dedicated the bus.

There were a mountain of challenges as we looked at the bus and later took it to the the students who were waiting with bated breath and were overcome with excitment waiting for us to arrive.

We grown ups were excited too as we saw the first bus of its kind to be given to a school in the district.

We do want to praise God for the great work that he did through the parents and everyone who worked hand in hand in seeing that the bus arrived soundly at the school. Praise God with us.

Pastor Jonah

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