Glorious Sunset

1The heavens declare the glory of God;

and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Psalm 19 (KJV)

I was researching a venue on line tonight for a Christian women's retreat that I am hoping to attend early next month in Niagara Falls, Ontario (more on that later).

As I was telling mom about the virtues of the hotel where I have booked my room, she let me know that the sky was red so I "ran" to see out the patio.

I took these photos.

I think they turned out rather well despite the fact that the tallish trees across the street block out a better view. The trees in the photo above are a type of coniferous trees. Coniferous trees do not lose their leaves during winter and they grow "cones". I have even seen though smaller pine trees in Kenya which was rather surprising to me but it turns out there is a fantastic arbour in Kericho where there are numerous foreign plants and trees. That was a delight to see amongst other things in my visit there.

The photo below shows the cones from a coniferous tree down the street. You will see a lot of it's cones have dropped to the ground.

In the photo above is a young deciduous tree. This one will lose its leaves before the winter snows fly and return again by Spring.

Ah, God's glorious handiwork.

It always is a moment of bliss when I see such marvellous works.

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