Missions of Hope: More Photos of the Turkana Relief Effort

Click the highlighted title to read about the continuing food relief efforts in Northern Kenya.. Don't forget to leave your comments at source post. Thank you so much! 

Missions of Hope: More Photos of the Turkana Relief Effort: Hello, Thank you so much for following our updates from here in Turkana country in northern Kenya where we are bringing much needed food ...

 Photo credit:  Jonah, Missions of Hope


  1. Joy I hope you got my money? Its sad to think of all their needs, we all have to help however we can.. Thank you for posting it, its beautiful!
    And thank you for your prayers for me. Yes I still need them. CM

  2. Yes, indeed, Barbara. Thank you for your acknowledgement of Jonah's efforts.

  3. Crystal Mary, yes, your donation was gratefully rec'd at the end of August. I thank you once again for your support of this important initiative. I pray that others would follow your lead ;-) and step out in support. I'm still praying for your knee.

  4. I pray everyday for Somalia and Somali believers in the Horn of Africa. I didn't know anything about the Turkana people, but I read about them in the Wikipedia. I saw the gallery on the blog of Jonah. I really enjoy to see Your work for hungry, ill and tired people. This is for me one more evidence, that children of God make really good job in Africa. God bless You.

  5. Zim, thank you so much for standing in prayer with Jonah and his prayer partners and for learning more about the Turkana people. It means a lot. Please visit again soon. May God bless you.


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