Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to Routine & a Bit of Knitting

Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

After having a visitor for a few weeks, I'm catching up on my own schedule of things.  I've actually been very busy with household work, doing my laundry and trying to clean my carpets; vacuuming and steam cleaning, vacuuming and steam cleaning and so on, until the high traffic areas are clean.  I have one of those small steamer (steam-tek mop) that works with just water in it. I like it because it is very light and easy to use. It isn't for heavy duty jobs but it helps a lot.

Following my post yesterday, I've also been spending a lot of time trying to implement my new blogging approach by deleting many of my subscriptions. One thing I've learned is that although there is a place to manage one's subscriptions in Google Reader, it actually doesn't work that well. I've been trying to delete certain subscriptions since well before yesterday and they continue to appear in my dashboard. Has anyone else experienced this? So much for efficient computer use. Though I will keep trying I didn't expect it to be so difficult to delete blogs!

I've also been fitting in a bit of knitting which I find so relaxing. This time I made two dishcloths in this rib knit pattern which I found here last year. I use size 6 mm needles rather than the size 4.5 mm called for. I really like my 6 mm needles because they are bamboo and so comfortable to use.  I really should try knitting with the proper size needles to get a neater look (I need all the help I can get) *smile.

Since I first printed the pattern for the washcloth in the photo, the author has made corrections to her pattern but I am still using the old one! I'm such a newbie that I didn't notice anything wrong with the pattern other than it isn't as neat around the edges as I'd like and that is perhaps due to my lack of skill. I'll have to try the new instructions and see what a difference it makes. I just finished putting the crocheted edge around the dishcloths today. Later I hope to go downtown and continue the sofa search I started last month.

As I was looking for the yarn to make these dishcloths I realized I still have my small afghan to finish. It was going to be a baby afghan but now I will turn it into a lap blanket for my mother.  Sadly she didn't get to use the crocheted afghan I made for her (photo of the work in progress here).  The very day I gave it to her, someone rolled it up in a bunch of things they donated and we never saw it again. Mom didn't even have a chance to get a label put on it so that she could be identified as the owner.

I hope you are all having a good week. Enjoy!


Diane said...

Oh I hate knitting, it does nothing for my moods at all, now give me wool and a crochet hook and I will crochet all day. Take care and keep well Diane

Anonymous said...

Hi! That's wonderful if you can knit. Happy knitting. I never have learned how to do it. Maybe one of these days I will take it up.
Have a good weekend.

Denise said...

Enjoy your knitting sweet friend.

Stephanie V said...

That's so sad about the afghan you made for your Mom. I hope that someone, somewhere is enjoying your work.

KT said...

I found it difficult to delete subscriptions as well - especially on the blogs that have gone private. I am using blogger though...when you go into Google Reader, you have to go to the settings beside the blog name. Then on the right, there is a "Stop Following This Site". I found it helpful to get rid of some of the blogs that haven't posted in years for a start.

I don't knit...but I do crochet. I would like to learn how to knit though, for it seems like the possibilities/patterns are greater.

Brenda Green said...

Dear friend,
I really like the two different ways the stitching goes. it looks very beautiful to me, and I'm sure the pots and pans wont mind an imperfect edge. (ha ha)

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