Saturday, July 27, 2013

Elvis in Kenya - Update

Hello everyone,

I have often written about the needs of the poor and the sick  in Kenya and invited people to contribute funds to the various causes I write about and support. Today I ask a different favour.

I've been sponsoring a young man in Kenya to get his medical diploma from Kisii University.  I've tried for several years to find him a sponsor but no one else would step in and help him.  I'm happy to report that he is almost finished his education but unfortunately I just cannot help him anymore. My heart breaks over this as he is very near to completion. He needs a bit more help to finish his final year and will soon need to go on what they call an attachment where he goes out in the field for a practical placement. He will need funds for his tuition, his living expenses, travel and graduation costs.

In order to try and help him with this latest challenge, I have created a fundraising page on the gofundme site where I have explained Elvis' story.  I've also created a button on my side bar to create awareness of his need.

I am asking if you will help me share Elvis' story on your blog or on your Facebook page, through Twitter or any of your other social media platforms. You can share the story by clicking on the 'gofundme' button on the upper right of my blog where you will find a way to do that. At the very bottom of the page, you will  see several button that will help you share on Facebook and others social sites.  You will also see a small button called "embed". If you click on that you will find the code to post a gofundme widget about Elvis on your site or blog.

I am not asking you for donations (though I won't discourage you if you feel you want to help). I am asking you to help us spread the word of the need, or IF YOU KNOW how to raise the needed funds, please let me hear from you!

Thank you so much for your time.

Elvis in his lab coat.
UPDATE: - July 29, 2013 - So far we have one anonymous donation of $50 for Elvis' school fees. This is a start and we are thankful. I want to thank those that have shared the need on Facebook and on Twitter. Please continue to do so. If we can pay at least some of Elvis' fees for now, that means he can continue with his last and final year. Also if we get 10 (TEN) connects on Facebook, gofundme will add this need to their searchable directory.


Denise said...

Will be praying for this precious one my friend, love you.

Joyful said...

On behalf of Elvis, I thank you dear heart <3

Rosemary said...

Wishing you and Elvis the funding he needs :)

Pooja Mittal said...

You are writing for a very good cause..
Maybe we can follow each other..!!
keep in touch

Farida said...

God truly bless your heart, Ms Joyful!

Annie Jeffries said...

I made a small donation, Joy, and posted this on my FB page as well.
Love and best wishes,

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