Red & Brown and Stitched With Love

A quilt is something you make to keep someone you love ... WARM!
Quilting Quote ~ The Stitching Cow

Hello friends,

Since I posted about the quilt I am making for mom here, I've had a lot of wonderful suggestions about colour choices for borders. I wish I could try them all because I know they would all look wonderful. In the end I selected a brown inner border and a red outer border. I'm glad that some of you also suggested this combination of colours.

I also did some on line research looking for more of the sunflower fabric but I didn't have any success.  While I did find the fabric it was in a different colour way.  I even called the out-of-town quilt shop where I purchased the fabric in fat quarters to see if they had any pieces left.  They did not.

So I went out and bought the brown and red fabrics for the borders yesterday. I spent some time cutting the pieces and sewing them to the quilt top.

Here is a lengthwise view of the end result ready for quilting.

I've also been busy at work making my nephew's quilt. It proved to be a bit more difficult because I am recycle a small down quilt of his to use as batting for the new quilt.  I purchased the down quilt for him when he was a teen and I wanted to use it as a way of incorporating some memories for him.  I also wanted to use several fabrics from his grandmother's fabric stash which I inherited and some fabrics which I bought new.  This way, the quilt would have more meaning for him.

It was quite the sight in my home last night. I cut the quilt on one side and had down fluff pieces flying all over the place.  I really didn't believe there was down in the quilt but there was!  I got smart and sewed two seams on the opposite side before cutting down the middle of the seams.  This was a perfect solution and no more down fluff floating around.

I also made a black border for my nephew's quilt last night.  Working with dark fabrics in low light is not a good idea especially when you need to distinguish the front and back sides of the fabric.  I managed but it made a simple job take that much more time.

I got a good start on the quilts now so I can be ready well in time for Christmas. I hope to also cut out a few more quilts that have been waiting in the wings for awhile.

Does anyone have a good Ott-lite or craft light to recommend?  I'm looking for a floor lamp that will cast light that looks like daylight so I can see what I'm doing especially over the winter months.  So far I haven't found a good one at a good price. I've read a lot of reviews on different models but can't find a good one yet.  If anyone has a good lamp to recommend, please do let me know the make and model and perhaps I can purchase one on line.

I have some comments and a question unrelated to quilts for all of you bloggers.  

I like to visit my followers and will often click on the icon in the followers widget.  This doesn't always work.  For google + bloggers it takes me back to your google page.  Sometimes I can find your blog and other times I can't.  It depends on what else you've been sharing.

If you are a blogger (not on google  +), and I click your profile icon, it might take me to a page showing me the blogs you are following (if you've shared that information) but you will be amazed how often your own blog is not linked to your profile.

It makes it rather hard to find your blog if I haven't yet had a chance to add your blog to Bloglovin'.

I'm wondering if anyone knows why a blogger's profile doesn't link back to a blogger's blog?

I'm guessing it's because a blogger hasn't added their blog address to their profile (under General settings for your blog).

It would sure help me to find you if you did!

Have a good few days.

I'm going to an Australian movie based on a true story about four young Aborigine women.  The  movie is called "The Sapphires" and I'm looking forward to seeing it.  It came out last year year but I didn't get a chance to see it then.
Here is a trailer if you are interested. 


  1. I love the sunflowers, very pretty fabric. The quote is very pretty. I think your Mom will love her new warm quilt.

    Have a happy day!

  2. Such warm and cheerful fabric. A true work of "heart."

  3. The quilt is lovely. So is planning ahead. Good job.

  4. Hi There! What plans you have for all your quilting projects! You are a very organized person :)
    I would love to be able to quilt, but at least I can admire your work. Enjoy your movie!

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous! You are so talented! I could never make a quilt. Great fabric choices!


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