Friday, April 29, 2016

Short Update - Kenyan Missions

Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God.  Remember that nothing is certain in this life. Ecclesiastes 7:14 (NLT)

April 30, 2016 Update:  The boy who underwent surgery and is in a Nairobi Hospital has suffered a setback. He was losing blood. He has a rare blood type and it was difficult to find blood for him (Kenya is generally short on blood so you can imagine the dearth of blood for rare blood types). They eventually found two pints. Please continue to pray for this young man. (Context and details below in the main post.).  May 1, 2016 Update:  The boy seems to be doing better today

Hello everyone, 

I hope this post finds you well. Today is Skywatch Friday but I am not linking up because I want to update about the Kenyan missions as some of you have told me you are praying about the needs I wrote about here. Some have asked that I try to update and so I am honouring that request.

The photo below is of the young orphan boy who had a large tumour growing on his neck and throat.

My friend and I got him to Nairobi for surgery. His surgery was originally scheduled for Wednesday April 19th.  During assessment they found him to be anemic so they had to give him blood.  It took longer than anticipated to address his anemia. The surgery was rescheduled to Friday April 22nd.  It went ahead as planned and the boy is now recovering in hospital.

In the photo below you will see the tumour is now removed. You can see the big scar. I am a bit concerned about what looks like an open wound and I hope and pray that no infection sets in. The boy is under medication.

A friend has travelled to Nairobi to be with the boy, his escort and his host. These are all young men of only 18 years of age. They are all from different village communities. They feel lost and abandoned without any senior adult help and few funds to address the various needs.  I'm glad my friend has travelled on short notice to be with and encourage the boys through this trying time. 

The next thing my friend is working on is trying to arrange for chemotherapy as the boys cannot stay in Nairobi indefinitely. The boys release from hospital is expected early next week pending clearance of the bill.

Keep these boys in your prayers.

Also right now it is rainy season in Kenya. There have been more floods and deaths and buildings collapsing in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya.

 Prayer needs:

1) That all material and financial needs will be met
2) Workable arrangements for chemotherapy
3) Freedom from infections and side effects
4) Safety from floods and rains
5) Peace and comfort.

I appreciate those of you who are interested in praying for these young men. May God bless you.


Terra said...

Prayers for healing for him and all good things for him and his friends in this difficult time.

Jeanie said...

Of course you have our prayers.

shortybear said...

praying over these needs

Mari said...

Thanks for that update. I'll be praying.

Debbie said...

What wonderful things you are doing, I will hope for the best always!!

Annie Jeffries said...

I will add them to my prayer request, Joy.

Annie Jeffries said...

I will add them to my prayer request, Joy.

Nancy Chan said...

Thank you for the prayer update. Praying the boy will fully recover without any infection or complication.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Joy, I will keep him in my prayers, I hope he recovers quickly!

Mereknits said...

He is in my prayers and I am concerned about that open wound too.
Bless you for helping him,

jabbott said...

Thank goodness the tumour was removed safely, I hope that he makes a full recovery I will see if I can help x

Pietro Brosio said...

Prayers for him, that he recovers quickly

Susan Kane said...

Such needs! I will pray for these needs and the people. Promise.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Prayers for the boy's speedy recovery!

Linda said...

Oh my! Bless you for what you are doing. Prayers to those in need right now.

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