Friday, September 23, 2016

Reducing and Recycling


I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had a bit of time to get rid of some stuff through the local Freecycle.  My efforts to get rid of things paid off and now I've cleared up some of my clutter.

I love pretty, fresh cut flowers.

Yesterday and today I gave away several items of clothing (mostly vests and sweaters) that I've had for a long time but never wear.Since I've purchased newer things in the last 2 years I must get rid of other things to make room. Sometimes you just have to admit that some of your purchases weren't quite right and let them go. But there are also things one has for such a long time that can be let go to make room for something new.  The things I recycled were in good or like new condition and went to a lady who was very much appreciative.  I also recycled a lot of other items such as: books, bread machine, coffee machine, fabric remnants and DVDs (music and movies).

I've got lots more to get rid of but I prefer to take my time to sort through things.  It also takes time to give things away because one has to write up the advertisements, take pictures of the items, post and then respond to queries before someone comes by to pick things up. If there is a lot of interest in something for giveaway it can be a bit tricky to coordinate and believe or not, some people can get nasty about it if they are not the ultimate recipient. That experience put  me off of giveaways for a time but I've since resumed the activity because I prefer to give things to someone who needs them rather than give them to the thrift store for sale.

"Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”  
Luke 6:38

My mother was the type that held on to things to be used "some day".  I've inherited her tendencies toward sentimentality and also keep a lot of  things for a rainy day.  However I am also much better at releasing things than she was.  I don't like having too many things stuffed in bags and boxes and stored somewhere to be used "some day".  One tends to forget what is stored away in bins and boxes. I also think that one cannot receive "good gifts" if you don't have room for them.

I took the above photos at the Yellowpoint Lodge, near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island a few years ago.  It was Fall and I really enjoyed walking on the property through the mist.

I  know many of us tend to purchase more than we need. I'm conditioning myself to purchase only the things I want or really need and let go of other things that bog me down.  For quite some time I've felt like I have far too much stuff and have been looking for ways to find new homes for it all. It takes time.

My progress sometimes seems slow because at the same time I am getting rid of things I am also adding to them.  A lot of it is clutter caused  by my ever present sewing projects. I need fabrics on hand for future projects. Once I've made things there are always remnants of fabric left. I don't tend to use fabric remnants myself so then they need to be stored.  A fabric stash and fabric remnants take up a lot of space.  Yarns for knitting and crocheting also take up a lot of space.  I've had to give away so much and so I realize it is better not to buy more until I really want to use it. Adding to things that need to be stored are things I must bring back from my mother's room and closet. I am always editing her things as she has limited space.

These are some of the ways I add to household clutter not to mention digital and paper clutter.
 Even so, I like to think I am making progress with clearing some of it up.
At least one of my brothers assures me that I am not a hoarder, lol. 
He knows how much I've given away and gotten rid of over the past several years because from time to time I need his help to take items to the goodwill  which I tend to do if I have  put together many bags/boxes of things at one time.


The city where I live has recently started collecting compostable materials. I have a small compost pail for the kitchen (it has been sitting outside in the garden for the year, lol). I need to bring it indoors and get used to setting aside food scraps and taking it downstairs to the compost bin that is emptied every week.  Cardboard,plastic and glass containers also get recycled and there are appropriate bins in the garbage room for all of it.  Sometimes I save the glass jars and wash them before giving them away.  They make good containers for storing buttons and other odds and ends.

I already save all the refundable containers. Once I have a great big bag of them they are taken to the recycling facility to get the small refund. A large black garbage bag of bottles and cartons usually gets me a refund of $3.- $4. Canadian.

It seems so many of us recycle but sometimes one wonders if these efforts are helping when you see garbage everywhere. Moreover the rate of climate change is happening so fast. 
I shudder to think what would happen if no one tried to do their part to help the environment.
We all need to be vigilant in doing our part but some people still don't seem to be alert to the issues.

What about you dear reader? 

Do you give things away, donate them to goodwill or just throw them out? 

What things do you have trouble getting rid of?


Gattina said...

Your post reminded me again what I absolutely have to do ! Sort out my old clothes and declutter the whole house ! But as long as the sun is shining and it is like summer outside I tell myself that I will wait for bad weather;
I usually give everything to a charity shop for battered women.

Joanne Noragon said...

Lovely, lovely pictures.
I read an article in AARP recently, five ways to simplify retirement. I remember: smaller living quarters, give away childhood mementos, give away seasonal decorations, give away furniture, and I don't remember the last, but we have so much there are more categories we can give away. I've never been a big keeper, but for the last "give-away", before we moved here, I sent all to a charity organization.

Terriea Kwong said...

Give away to those who need them is good. The images are stunning and autumn is around. Just love the fallen leaves make a beautiful natural picture.

jabbott said...

Oh I follow a site called streetlife, it's brilliant I have given and received. I have to be careful not to want things I don't need. For instance last week someone was getting rid of a beautiful piano I immediately wanted it but have no more room 😣

Red said...

Somebody in this house convinces herself that she may use something "someday" Things really pile up.

Diane said...

Recycling in France is amazing and very little ever gets 'thrown away'. Clothes though I have to say seldom gets sent anywhere other than my cupboard. I cannot remember the last time I bought anything new and fashions always go round in circles LOL We did both but a few new T shirts while in the USA but that was a one off. Love these photos. Take care Diane

Mereknits said...

I am trying to be more aware of what I buy. I am god at giving things away to the thrift stores so they can be bought easily and affordably by someone else. I am a huge recylcer, my neighbors not so much and that makes me so mad.
Hugs to you,

John's Island said...

Hi Joyful, Decluttering is great. The hard part for me is deciding what is clutter and what is not. :-) My preference for giving things away is to Goodwill.

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