Friday, April 24, 2020

Kazan Blossoms

Time unfolds and marches on quickly and often in ways you don't expect. 
One of the things I did not expect this year was an inability to make time for taking photos of the beautiful cherry blossoms.

I missed out on the opportunity to photograph the Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry) tree blossoms in late March and during the month of April I stayed inside more than ever.  So I was pleasantly surprised to capture these beautiful Kazan blossoms on a late night shopping expedition (between 7-8 p.m.).
I had to lighten them a bit because the sun had already set.  They aren't as clear as I'd like but they bring me joy nonetheless.

The Kazan blossoms are very beautiful especially on a clear sunny day because of the double, showy blossoms.  Apparently this tree can grow to heights of 30 feet and can also spread for 30 feet. They are definitely beautiful to look at but the leaves and blossoms are poisonous to dogs.  They contain Cyanogenic glycosides, which is a toxin that prevents oxygen from being properly absorbed and transported by the cells.

The forecast is for pouring rain all weekend. In fact I felt a few drops Friday night. 
If the weather clears I will see if I can get any photos of Kazan blossoms next week with my camera as opposed to the phone camera.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Stay safe


  1. Spring blossoms are really just the best, always so pretty and great photos despite the late time of the day. Stay safe and have a good weekend, Diane.

  2. Wow! Those are beautiful blossoms, even in the low light. Amazing! Glad you were able to capture these photos for us. I know you must love to see them. We just had wild plum trees in our area a month or so ago, and they were so pretty, but they were wild and you only can see them in the woods and in places along the roads. Now they have little tiny plums growing on them. I am thinking I will gather some when they are ripe and make jelly. We shall see. (They grow in the area where we take our walks). Have a wonderfully blessed weekend, and try to stay dry and safe.

  3. Hello, beautiful blossoms and trees. I love Spring time, it is a colorful time of the year. Take care, stay safe! enjoy your weekend!

  4. Beautiful blossoms. Great captures of the blossoms. Have a blessed weekend. Stay safe.

  5. Blossoms don't last long so you have to be out at the right time. Stay well.

  6. These are really beautiful. And I rather like the lighting. It's quite dramatic.

  7. These are beautiful !! I never heard of Kazan blossoms!! But anyway they are gorgeous. I can feel your excitement at seeing them!!! I love the fluffy pink and how they show off against the blue sky!! God is such a beautiful artist, bringing pink blossoms into the world and dotting the trees with them just when we need them!!! (smile, heart!!) Much love and blessings!!!!!

  8. Hi Penny,
    ...such pretty spring blooms...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. Our world is still amazing. Now we get to slow down and see it.

  10. Lovely blossoms. We're in for a spell of rain, too.

  11. They are just beautiful! I never heard of these blossoms, and surely enjoyed seeing them.

  12. Those are beautiful double blossoms, the pink is so pretty.


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