Lakes Bogoria, Baringo and Nakuru in Kenya

The waters of several Kenyan lakes in the Great Rift Valley have been rising and in the process flooding many hotels, farms and residences.  Thousands of people have been flooded out of their homes and many businesses have lost their livelihoods. 

The flooding follows many months of unusually heavy rain but illegal deforestation and climate change also contribute to the problem.  What is happening is very alarming and threatens not only the people but the wildlife.

Lake Baringo is freshwater and Bogoria is salt water. At one time these lakes were one about 12.5 miles (20 kms) apart but now are so close together that experts fear they could contaminate each other and further threaten wildlife and the people.  The lakes have risen at least 30-40 feet and are rising daily.

Even Lake Nakuru adjacent to which Kenya's 3rd largest city, Nakuru is situated, is flooding.  I read from one tourist who said that the Baboon Point I showed you about a week ago (see this post) shows that 75% of the park has been flooded. This seems totally unreal to me.

Attacks on people by crocodiles and hippos have escalated, many schools and hospital have been flooded or cut off from their student and patient groups and wildlife has had food supply affected.

Given the back drop of all this sad news it makes my memories and my photos all the more important to me. I may never get another chance to enjoy and experience what I enjoyed in earlier trips.  Many of the pelicans and flamingos have disappeared from the lakes and I'm not sure where they have gone.

Here is a video for those interested in seeing the rising lakes. In the first few minutes you will see a huge building with thatched roof. That is the Soi Lodge located on the shores of Lake Baringo and where I stayed when I visited the area.

This is a photo toward the lake from the Soi Lodge.


I was greeted by ostriches at the entry to the lodge.

Here are a few photos of pelicans taken at Lake Baringo and the last photo of flamingos was taken at Lake Nakuru.  I had never seen flamingos or pelicans before and it was a real treat.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that video and informing people about the flooding. I have subscribed to the youtube channel and will try to learn more about the area and issues facing people. In the UK some areas flood regularly and people's homes are flooded and there is always an outcry about how little the government does to help in those areas most at risk. This situation in Kenya, and I imagine in many other areas around the world is frightening and I am sure there is little government response. The climate crisis and man made destruction of forests worldwide is something we all know about and have for many years. The charitable actions of individuals can only do so much, it needs a world government and human global community response and sadly as highlighted by Greta Thunberg those in power are not all listening. I am so moved ny your video and really need to play my part in climate change activism and supporting those people who are already being affected in Kenya and worldwide.

  2. Hello Penny,
    My linky website was having problems, so now I am with a new linky. It is so sad to hear of the flooding and all the problems for the local people and the lodge. I hope they can get more substantial help. Thank you for sharing the video. I love the pelicans and flamingos, the view are pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and Enjoy your day! Happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving my a comment.

  3. Another area hit by climate change! What a mess we have made of this planet! Thank you for posting this informative blog post.

    be well ... mae at

  4. Having the photos keeps the experience real and you can share it with all of us. So many precious people there and amazing wildlife. Thanks for writing this post and keeping us informed. Hugs, Diane

  5. Hello, taht are wonderful animals photo and landcape! Happy weekend, Elke

  6. Thank you for sharing the video, I hope they can get the help they need. Lovely photos of the flamingos and pelicans, they are very pretty. I used to watch pelicans on the river next to where I used to work. they are interesting birds to watch.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. lovely nature shots.....amazing photos.
    thank you for sharing video.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. those birds are especially beautiful, Penny. Imagine seeing that in the wild. What a remarkable visit.

  9. Hello. Interesting post. Flamingos are so awesome birds.

  10. Sadly wildlife is becoming endangered world wide. Changes in climate and man are doing a great job of killing everything off! Very soon children will be learning about what was on the this earth and not what is!! Heartbreaking. Take care Diane

  11. What a gorgeous place. Sad to hear about and the flooding and how it has disturbed the normalcy, there.

  12. That's really sad about the floods. You have shared some beautiful photos, thank you so much. I've never seen real flamingos, they are stunning!


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