Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Crackers

My friend Lynda in Tanzania wrote about the history of the novelty Christmas cracker over at her blog today. I love the handmade ones that are made in Tanzania by the residents in leprosy homes.

My family never grew up with this tradition but as I got older I have incorporated it into my tradition whenever I have Christmas dinner at my house. Since mom hasn't been able to travel for some time, I haven't had dinner at my house for a few years. I now make Christmas dinner over at her home when I visit and the family gathers there.

Lynda's blog reminded me that I still have a whole box of unused Christmas crackers that have been languishing in a cupboard. I have now taken them out and will add it to the growing list of things I'll take with me on my Christmas visit.

Here are some pictures of my box of novelty crackers.

Inside there are usually plastic or crepe paper hats (crowns), a plastic toy and a little joke or verse. I think these are quite neat and I like adding them to my dinner festivities. Maybe you also like to have Christmas crackers at your table or perhaps you have never used a Christmas cracker. You can learn all about how to use them here. Happy pulling!


Diary From Africa said...

I'm so happy that me post prompted you to write about your Christmas crackers - they're lovely, & I hope that you enjoy 'pulling' them on the day !

Joyful said...

Thanks for writing about the crackers. I'm like a big kid so will enjoy "pulling" them on the day. Enjoy "pulling" yours...I like teh band they make.

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