Christmas for IDPs in Kenya

Hi friends, my friend Pastor Jonah and other leaders are visiting the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) this week in Kenya. They are trying to show love and provide some food to the people before Christmas. They have been doing what they can for the IDPs throughout the year whenever they can. At this time of seasonal cheer and loving others, let us try to keep our hearts open to those in need around the globe. Please read on. I'm sure your heart will be as touched as mine is. Blessings.


We are going to visit the internally displaced people this week. God willing, we are gathering food from the villages and towns to feed these people who are living in makeshift camps.

These folks are living in deplorable conditions and need our help. We do hope to distribute what we got, and hope the government will come and help them somehow.

These are trying moments for our country, and we do hope to make some changes in their lives.

Please pray for these people. If you can, give to help these people. Otherwise many blessings over the blessed Christmas season. Pastor Jonah

If you can help at all, please go here


  1. My thoughts and prays are with these people!! I truly wont take my xmas for granted! xoxo


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