Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Busy Day or Two

I woke up a bit earlyish for me on a Saturday. It was likely because I had a long nap late yesterday and went to sleep at a reasonable hour. This after two nights of little sleep.

I've been fighting a cold and when I went to sleep last night there was a great wind flapping up and expected rain in the forecast. I awoke this morning to rain and cloudy skies.  I stocked up on some cooking items earlier this week so I could do some baking this weekend.  This morning I got started.

For lunch I made some pot barley and beef soup.  It was quite good. and I calculated the rough cost of each serving at about $1.40 Canadian but these are huge servings.  The soup bones were not cheap.  A package of 4 small bones was almost $3.50.  Even so it was a much better deal than buying a bowl of soup in the family restaurant across the street. You can see the fat at the top from the marrow in the bones. I love marrow with a bit of salt on it.  For some people though this is probably WAY too fattening.  If you don't eat it often, this isn't a problem unless your doctor says so.

I also have some bread dough on the rise for making the two loaf bread I made earlier this week.  See here for my earlier attempt.

I also made some pie crust from a recipe I found on a blog.  I have never been good at making pie crust even with a no fail recipe so I hope this attempt will work better.  In fact, I prefer making and eating cakes or cookies to making pies.  But this weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving and I plan to make a pumpkin pie to go along with the turkey dinner.  If I have some extra time after laundry and cleaning I am going to make some freezer pizza dough and some Hershey's chocolate chip cookies, also for the freezer for snacks later in the week.

I also managed to make two more kitchen dishcloths to add to the one I made earlier in the week. These ones are rather a loose weave compared to the ones I used to make. I enjoyed whipping these out and will use one of them shortly to "test" the weave and tension.

I also managed to make one round of my doily. I didn't get as far as I'd like and I still have six rounds to go but will likely finish it soon.


Finally, I got started on a book I've been meaning to read for awhile, The Pillars of the Earth. I get all my books at the thrift store these days so this is always a great bargain.  It is 973 pages long so that should keep me busy for awhile.

I always feel content when I am able to keep my hands busy, soothe my soul, save money and improve my mind.

When do you feel content?  

Update: I did some of washing up after mixing and baking. I used the  new dishcloth and it works perfectly. The bigger open weave seems to be better suited for washing up than the tighter, smaller weave.  This is a pleasant surprise. 

I hope you are enjoying your week and weekend.


Unknown said...

I believe soup, and marrow are at the heart of good health, enjoy!

Joyful said...

That's wonderful to hear Shell! I should be on the way to great health.

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