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It's been awhile since I've posted about my travels to Kenya. I do have several more posts before I conclude the series. I thought rather than show you more travels today, I would instead focus on some of my purchases. It was the first time I'd purchased so much at once and I love all my purchases.

Candlesticks made of ebony wood. I think they are beautiful but I found it difficult to find candles to fit the base. In the end I purchased votive candles and cut down the bottoms to fit.
A pair of elephants carved from ebony wood.

Soapstone carvings. I love the globe sitting on the base.
A game to play. I think it is called "Solitaire" and is like playing checkers except you play yourself.

A close up of the game board.

Soapstone plate and zebra mask. 

Same zebra mask and a different soapstone plate. 

Some calabashes. First time I saw them tinted dark. I purchased these on the highway on the journey from Marigat.
A drum. I was told this drum is not actually a Kenyan drum but comes from Tanzania.

This drum is a Kenyan drum.
Soapstone carving.  Map of Mount Longonot and other areas.  Click photo to get a better view.

Maasai wedding necklace.

I hope you enjoy the art. Please check out my travel posts on Kenya. You can find some links here.


  1. Wow, I think they are all amazing and beautiful and exotic!  My favorite are the two elephants but all are just incredibly crafted works of art!  Thank you for sharing...I long to travel more after seeing these.:)

  2. Thank you, Colleen. I love all arts and crafts, especially those of indigenous cultures around the globe. I hope you get to travel yourself to see Kenya some day.

  3. Love the elephants.  The game is very familiar, as we played it a lot as children, though it was far less elegant than yours.  We called it Senku, and if you Google "Senku game" it'll come up.  What lovely items to decorate your home.

  4. Hello Penny ... I hope that you are well ...

    .. you have some beautiful art works - I especially love the Ebony wood Elephants ...

  5. You just took a tour around our house! We own so many of those very same items and what fun it was to see your collection! The game is called Madagascar Solitaire. For years we have had the game board and little marbles in a box in the basement, but about a year ago I decided to search the internet for rules, and found them on  eHow. Hope you enjoy playing it.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!


  6.  I love African art and I have quite a lot of it here in France.  All of the articles have great memories :-) Diane

  7. Thank you for your visit and kind words, Caroline. I did google "senku" and came up with on line games. I'll take a better look later.

  8. Hi Graham, it's been a busy time for me. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your daughter. I'm sure you'll miss her when she's gone back to England. I'm glad you like the ebony wood elephants. I like them too. I see they also have ebony wood carvings in West Africa. Do you also have them in Nam?

  9. So nice to hear we share some decorating ideas, lol! I would love to see your collection. I would like more but I'm "decluttering" and I have enough already I think ;-) Thanks for the tip on the Madagasgar Solitataire. I see some rules say you must end with a marble in the middle and others don't. I've been playing it but not ending up with a marble in the middle. I will now try it the other way!

  10. Hi Diane, I was sure that you would have some African art from all your time in Africa and the prominent place Africa has in your life. It's nice to have objects evoking memories of good times.

  11. Beautiful articles, bringing africa into your home., Exotica,
    Thank you so much for your prayer for my son Peter. I had not thought of sleep apnea, but usually with that you drop off at odd times. He doesn't. He has uncontrolled thoughts about God, wrongful thought which stress him further. I have prayed so much and so have many others. He helped a woman  who tried to commit suicide and was hanging by the neck over a bridge., He pulled her up by the roe. Since then the stress started.
    God Bless your kindness. Crystal Mary.   

  12. The Professor's WifeMay 15, 2011 at 1:39 AM

    I especially like the game - it looks so interesting! 

  13. I've played the game as best I remember the instructions I was given. Though I've been playing a little differently than I gather some play, it has been fun anyway! Now I'll try the other way, lol.

  14. Thank you for your kind comments, CM. I pray your son gets better soon and gets the help he needs. Big hugs xx

  15.  Who  made such beautiful works!!  Just looking at them, I feel I am getting energy from them. They have beauty as well as warmth. Joyful, it is wanderful to be with them and watch them everyday!I especially love Maasai wedding necklace.
     Have a nice day!

  16.  These are absolutely beautiful--I want to reach out and touch them. What wonderful memories you must have. 

  17. Yes Clair. I do love to look at them and remember where I bought them and my travels to Kenya. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Hello Snowwhite, the crafts and art were made by many different artists. I'm glad you enjoyed them as much as I do! You have a nice day too!

  19. I love all your Kenyan decor.  Makes a home unique! 

  20. Thank you Shanda. I know you love African arts and crafts also.


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