A Brief Update

It's been pretty chilly in  my apartment this past week. I'm wearing socks every day now and sometimes two pair of ankle socks  (one thin and one thick). I'm also wearing a sweater or track jacket indoors each day.

I've been cocooned up indoors a lot this week as I continue to make slow progress on my major decluttering and reorganizing project. I feel good about what I've been able to accomplish so far and will continue with it over the next little while.

Due to my frugal nature and the season's chill I've been doing a number of things to try and keep overall heating costs down, I keep my heating pad on whenever I'm relaxing. I put on my portable heater if there is too much chill coming through the row of windows in the front room and I have my mattress heating pad on when I go to sleep at night. The past two nights I have been very cosy in my bed and slept with only half of the covers.  After being up far too late the last few nights I was asleep surprisingly early and had a good sleep last night.

I continue with my acupuncture therapy and herbal therapy. I only went to one appointment for each of two weeks and am now back on the regular schedule. I haven't been able to start physiotherapy or  massage therapy because for some reason I haven't received my referral papers yet.  I've also been busy this week with concerns over mom's health. She is losing a fair bit of blood and circulatory issues seem to be arising. I pray that everything settles soon. Other than that I'm swirling around some holiday plans in my head. Christmas is just around the corner and the chilly air has me thinking about where to put the tree. The antique blanket chest I told you about last week now occupies the area where my tree used to go.

Yesterday I went to a movie after talking with mom by phone. I wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine as we are now in the season where we get a lot of rain.  The movie was a disappointment. To be honest I didn't know what kind of movie I was going to see. Only that it was about a journalist who gets a job in Puerto Rico. I just thought that it would be nice to see some scenery of a warm and sunny tropical place and to get a break from my tediousness of decluttering and going through seemingly endless paper.  The movie did have some tropical scene and I also enjoyed the faded beauty of the Spanish style buildings on the island.  I also enjoyed the excuse to get out while the sun was shining and a stop at the pharmacy and coffee shop on my return. A nice way to end a quiet Saturday.

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Have a wonderful week!

Update: Tuesday, November 8, 2011
I wasn't able to reach mom for a few days but when I called her residence today I learned she was on an outing. That told me that she id doing better. I spoke to her later and it seems her circulation issue is holding steady and her bleeding has ceased for now. I am giving praise to God and thank my readers who prayed for us. God bless you all. xx


  1. Congratulation on making progress with your decluttering project. I really wish I could get this place uncluttered but I know it will go right back to the same old same old. Dick and I should never have married one another. We both have far too many papers. I don't dare throw out any of his and vice versa.
    I hope your mom is well soon, Penny, and you, too.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Oh Kay, it does sound like you and your husband have a lot of paper. I too have so much compared to most of the people I know. I am determined now to get rid of whatever I don't need. I've made a lot of progress getting rid of stuff and lots of papers too but still have a lot to do. Good luck with yours. I think you can do it if you set your mind to it ;-) Thanks for the well wishes. Hugs. xx

  3. A nice greeting to you Penny, the weekend is over and now begins a new week again.

    How do I read you were in the cinema, I have read the description of the film, but I do not like it at all, I do not see the movie to me. I'm like so not like the movies, it's sitting too close to me and always there in the dark I do not like. I love the light and the sun.

    We have now made ​​a tour, bought a few things for Christmas and I ate lunch in the restaurant shrimp, which I like very much.

    Now it is very late and I go to sleep, need to copy many papers tomorrow, because we have a dispute with a tenant here at home and have the lawyer wants to represent us.

    All good wishes for the mom.

    Good night to you with a hug says Geli

  4. Dear Geli, I agree with you. The film at the cinema was not good at all. I did not like the content but I do enjoy films in general as the dark in the theatre does not bother me.

    I am happy you got the tour organized. I am sure you are looking forward to it and it will happen very soon for you and your husband. Best wishes to you and your appointment with the lawyer. I hope you have great success with your legal problem. Have a nice sleep.

  5. Dear Penny,
    Sorry, to hear about your mom's health. I will keep praying. Sorry about the movie being a disappointment. It sounds like you made the best out of it. It's nice to see a movie once in awhile. Can you put a blanket over the windows in your place to help with the cold getting through? Well, have a good evening Joyful.

  6. Hi Dear Brenda, thank you for your continued prayers. I hope to be able to give a good report soon. I did make the best of my movie outing. I am planning to put weather proofing (plastic) over the windows soon. I keep forgetting to buy it. I also have to close up the vents. Have a good week my friend.

  7. De-cluttering? I'm not sure I want to talk about it. Sometimes I feel like some of the "Hoarders" scenes I see on TV is happening here. Haha. Hope not

  8. Decluttering is a new word to me. I think it's great to get rid of as many things as possible:)

  9. Hello Fred, lol....now if I was a hoarder it would not be called "decluttering". I'd have to think of some other word like "dehoarding'.

    Seriously, though I've seen that show and it is terrible what those people and their families have to deal with. I am happy my issue is nothing like that but I do have "pack rat" tendencies. Anybody know what I mean ;-)

  10. Sivinden, I do believe it too. After I get rid of each new bag of stuff, I feel a little better. It is one less bag of things I have to store, clean, etc. I often give away my items to the goodwill as I don't like to throw perfectly good things away.

  11. So sorry to hear about your Mom, it's such a worry and my thoughts are very much with you.

    Sounds like you are missing the days of warmth and sunshine, and are getting ready for the winter months ahead. Glad you are back on your therapy schedule too. Keep warm. x

  12. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Jan. I am missing the days of warmth. It seems we have an early start to winter on this side of the globe. Hope you're doing well and that the weather is cooperative :-)

  13. Your heating pad, is it made of wheat? I use it all the time, even in summer for my sore back.

  14. Hello Ann, no my heating pad is not made of wheat. I am using an electric heating pad. However I do have several buckwheat filled pads for my shoulders, eyes, etc. I usually keep these in the freezer.

  15. I'm sorry about your mother. I have been out of the loop for a while and didn't know you weren't well. I pray you recover soon. I think heating pads are a great way to stay warm without heating the whole house

  16. Wow, you are very frugal!My husband is, too, more so than i, and lately I've been wearing a fleece-lined jacket in the house.

    De-cluttering sounds like what I need to do--I just keep putting it off!

  17. Thank you, Shanda for your visit and your prayers. The heating pad not only keeps me warm but helps my circulation which is good for healing my leg. I'm not sure if you're still in SA or have made it home but I pray you land safely. God bless!

  18. Hi Pat, I have little choice where the heating is concerned. I have a lot of windows from which the draft comes. If I crank up the heat, it still doesn't keep the place warm. I will be buying the plastic seal for the windows within the next little while and that will help a bit. I also need to get the gas fire place lighted. Somehow the pilot light blew out.

  19. I see you have an update here but don't want to rush. It's getting late and my eyes got tired.. so I'll be back in the morning to read with my cup of coffee. Till then-

  20. Hi Regina, your comment prompted me to add an update so you will see it tomorrow over coffee. Take care. Hugs. xx

  21. Hi Penny, well I guess your dealing with the cold is a bit what I imagined..I'm happy you have been able to get nice and cozy -no doubt it took a little effort!
    Decluttering as you say isn't always so easy, especially when you have trouble with organization (lol). Sorry about your mom, but am glad she was on an outing.
    Least your back on scedule and hope you get your paper work in.
    I saw a preview for that movie and my reaction was probably why you called it a disappointment? I like Johnny Depp OK..though I will say it was tough to bear watching his frame effeminately sauntering around in Pirates of the C. though (ah ha ha)
    Well, the rain has let up and there is more snow on the Moutain..maybe soon we can take a drive? I'd like a change.
    My best~

  22. Hi Regina, it is so hard for me to imagine snow on the Hawaiian islands. If you can get photos, that would be awesome. Or perhaps I saw these on your blog last year. I can't remember now. I hope you get that drive anyway, It's always nice to have a change of scenery.

  23. Dear Penny, I'm so glad your mom is so much better. I have heaps of paper and I've only been in THIS house for nine months! I will start to de-clutter again (I did in August) as soon as I'm finished with my writing projects. Bless you dear friend, and keep warm. (((hugs))) Jo

  24. Dear Jo, thank you for the prayers and well wishes for my mom. I think with your chosen profession of journalism it is natural that you would have a lot of papers. Decluttering seems to be a never ending job for some of us "pack rats". Blessings. xx


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