Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Series 2

We've had some beautiful sunny weather since yesterday. It made me linger along the streets as I made my way to the latest acupuncture session.  My regular readers who have been commenting and cheering me on, please know that my leg is getting better. It is just a very slow process.

Now here are the Fall photos.

I love the dappled sunlight on the multicoloured leaves of the trees.

At the top of the photo you can see one of the ski "hills" in the local area. I don't live right in this neighbourhood but I can see the lights of the city and on this mountain at night.

There is a very busy city corridor at the end of this street. That is why there are so many cards parked here on the side of the street. In addition, many businesses and residents only have street parking.
When the winds whips up as it has been doing, the trees quickly give up their dried leaves and you get a carpet of leaves on the ground.  They give a nice crunching sound under the feet :-)

I liked this house. As I was walking by I saw the shadows of the bushes against the brick red house. After getting home and looking at the photo on line, I saw a dream catcher in the window. Dream catchers are said to catch your bad dreams in the webs. They are an Aboriginal (First Nations) item but have become very popular amongst the general population. Something like the South American 'worry dolls'.
It doesn't matter what the weather is. There is always someone who is so "tough" they don't need a jacket when mere mortals like me would be shivering without one.

The colours of Fall always make me happy.
What makes you happy dear readers?


  1. What interesting photos. I love love love the one with the shadows of the leaves,on the red brick house.

    What makes me happy? Yes the colours of fall or autumn as we call it. Reading beautiful words and seeing wonderful art. Music. Rain. Wind even sometimes. Sunshine. The sea. Waterfalls and rainbows. Family. Smiling faces. Need to keep writing my list....I sometimes forget just how much does make me feel pure joy!

  2. Thank you, Jan. It's nice to have such an enthusiastic response to my photo of the building. I love your list of things that bring you joy. I actually started this blog to focus on the things that bring me joy. Your list certainly captures many of mine. Enjoy your evening.

  3. You have lovely fall colors to enjoy and share. The wind has been trying to knock all the dying leaves from their branches here, and has almost succeeded!

  4. Dimple, thank you for your wonderful comments. I hope your leaves stick around for awhile. I always find it sad when all the leaves are gone. Of course, we are blessed to have evergreen trees here too so we are not totally without greenery.

  5. What beautiful pictures! You are blessed to be so near that ski run. I love the view from town.

  6. Thank you, Fred! I love looking at the lights of the ski hill at night.

  7. Beautiful photos, Penny. I do love to see the city and the mountains.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Thanks, Kay. I love to take the photos so I'm glad you enjoy looking at them.

  9. Good morning Penny, you've got lots of colorful fall colors captured on your way to acupuncture. Here are almost all the leaves from the tree and lie on the floor.
    There is fog here almost every day and you can see the other houses only when the sun is there, but it is already noon.
    Now you sleep determines, I wish you a good night's sleep, then a good Wednesday, we have holiday today, which means ** Day of Prayer and Repentance **
    I wish you a nice day and then send you greetings from the Geli

  10. Hello dear Geli, it is getting late and I should be asleep but I was preparing my new few blog posts. I have more beautiful Fall colours to come in the next week. I hope you can enjoy them. Here it is cold but we have had a few days of sunshine so that always makes me happy. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Hi Penny, yes I saw the blog hatr new colors, very dark, but I love dark colors, you can see it also on my blog. Then sleep well and dream of something sweet ....

  12. Dear Penny,
    thank you for this wonderful shots of autumn. The colours are beautiful, every year and I love it to whipe the leaves up.
    Wish you a nice day

  13. Hi Penny thanks for sharing these with us. I simply love the different coloured leaves on the ground. I just had to look again and again. They look unreal. And the shadow on the wall. Brilliant. I trust you're keeping well and warm. Blessings, Jo

  14. Dear Penny,
    You take such good beautiful pictures
    The trees are so beautiful when they change colors. It's been so long since being in Colorado or Michigan that I forgot how beautiful the trees can be, especially being out in the desert. Be Blessed my friend.


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