Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The month of June is almost over and it has flown by. I have a lot to do before the month is out and it will help me keep track of things and stay accountable to make a list here.  Once these tasks are done I will have finally caught up to a lot of the outstanding tasks I've been working toward completing over the last few months. Then I'll get a chance to enjoy the rest of the summer and visits with friends and family.  At least that is the hope.  I don't plan on taking any long trip this summer but I may be taking a few short trips in the local area and possibly one longer road trip before summer is out.  We have some beautiful scenery in this part of the world and it is good to get out and enjoy it once in awhile.


Balance of June To-Dos
·      Clean bird bath
·      Finish potting container garden
·      Clean patio pavers and patio umbrella
·      Get rid of all patio garbage
·      Finalize paperwork and filing (In progress)
·      Declutter bedroom storage containers/sort sock drawer/empty & store suitcase
·      Deliver “buggy” with donated items to Rose or have her pick them up
·      Confirm & get together with Gladys,  Norma, Pat & Bev (individually)
·      Return library books
·      Correspondence (email/chats) with various friends from afar
·      Pay bills & check bills for monies owing to me
·      Charitable giving for July
·      Prepare list of food needs for entertaining
·      Restart daily cardio (I've missed a few days)
·      Restart blood glucose log (I've missed a few days)
·      Aim to finish 3-4 “works-in-progress” (crafts)
·      Start new projects (2)
·      Prepare mom’s care package items
·      Identify mending needs and purchase any materials needed (In progress)
·      Clean bathrooms & bedroom
·      Identify what can be tossed from storage unit (Get help)
·      Vacuum  
·      Finalize 2 applications (mine) & follow up on 2 (other)

Summer flowers from the neighbourhood (Black eyed Susan)

Wednesday’s To-Dos

I had a good start today on jobs/tasks that need to be done. Of course some of these are daily things like talking to my mom.  The rest of the tasks are mostly on-going things that need doing. I don't have a set schedule for accomplishing them because I just need to go along with my energy level in getting things done.  Sometimes running errands and getting to appointments takes up full days out of the week.
  •  Wash and fold 3 small loads of laundry, put clothes in piles & return some to their places
  •  Sweep kitchen, entryway and master bathrooms floor
  •  Clean kitchen refrigerator
  •  Collect and bag all household garbage
  •  Make grocery shopping list
  •  Wash all produce and put in refrigerator containers
  •  Water all garden containers (a.m. and p.m.)
  •  Dead-head 6 pots of plants and repot two containers
  •  Pay one bill on line
  •  Contact telephone company to discuss overcharges on one phone bill
  •  Talk to mom (x2)
  •  Talk to my cousin
  •  Wrap and prepare 3 of 5 parcels and confirm addresses for mailing
  •  Manage Blog “Reading List” & Visit and comment on blogs
  •  Make a "To Do" list   

I may have missed some things from the list but it is long enough to keep me going and on track.  

What about you "dear reader"?  Do you keep lists of "to dos" on your blog? your phone? a sticky note, your calendar or not at al?

I used to use sticky notes (yellow pads) and often keep a running list of 'to dos' in my electronic calendar. I BF dates and set reminders but I prefer a paper list or a list on line when I have a lot of tasks to do.  Something I can see at a glance.

More neighbourhood flowers


John's Island said...

Hi Joyful, This is an excellent idea with the To-Do lists. Thank you for sharing on SNAP THAT. John

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh my Joy, I'm exhausted just reading your list :) Like you I'm a writing on paper kind of 'lister'.. I like to cross things off, very satisfying!

Ceil said...

Hi Joyful! (Love the blog header! So pretty and bright.) I find that I am always thinking about what I should be doing, while I'm doing something else. It's a little maddening. So, I am a 'list girl'. I used to be able to keep it all straight in my head, but...not anymore!
Your list sounds very inclusive, and what I like is that it includes short things, so you don't feel like you can't get anywhere. That's smart! :)
Happy Thursday, and blessings on your list!

Jo said...

Hello dear Penny, your blog header is beautiful! I also have to-do lists and feel the same satisfaction when I cross them off. I've just finished a year's bank reconciliations which I'll take home in hard copy to submit with all other paperwork to the bookkeepers. Every year I promise I'll be ready by end Feb (why not?) and every year I just make the deadline of submitting before end August! Have a wonderful day. Jo

Joanne Noragon said...

I use paper and pencil, and I haven't had a to do list that long since I worked. Well, worked full time, in the old days.

clairz said...

Oh, I love a good list. So satisfying to check things of as they are done!

Terra said...

Did my comment post? I just wrote that our lists have lots of similar items on them.

Saucy Siciliana said...

Oh, my goodness, a never ending list, how do you manage? I get tired just looking at all the things you need to do. I usally write things down two, but not SO MANY! I don't know how you do it!

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

You are so organized! I enjoyed reading your list although I felt so lazy comparing it to my list! :-) May God give you grace! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing!

Sunita Mohan said...
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Anonymous said...

A TO DO LIST is important and I need to make one. Hope you are having a good summer. I will be back in the fall. Have a good week end...

John's Island said...

Hi Joyful, I just stopped by to see if there was a new post on SNAP THAT and noticed that in your list of TO DOs for June it looks like you crossed off the items accomplished ... did I miss that the first time (June 26) or is that new? Whichever, I think it's cool! In any event you are making good progress. Also, I just wanted to thank you for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog. It is so nice to have some kind comments! Well, July will be here before we know it and I'm wondering if you will post a July TO DO list? :-) John

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I hope you are continuing to make good progress through your lists and taking time to be grateful and feel satisfied along the long.

Constance Murphy said...

You remembered me that I have to return my library books too.
Happy Monday!

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