A Gift

I had to go downtown on Tuesday for an appointment. I definitely didn't feel like venturing into the heart of the city since it was pouring rain.  The place where I had to meet is a construction zone right now. But I couldn't postpone my appointment any longer and in the end it turned out to be a very short appointment.

Getting home took more time. But as I'm wont to do, I stop somewhere along the way for a coffee and to read a good book. That day was no exception but when I got off the bus and went to my neighbourhood Starbucks, every seat was taken!  It was pouring rain outside and I've noticed that the neighbourhood shops are always full when that happens.

There was no free table and I couldn't sit outside in the rain. So I bought a lemonade to go and went across the street to the grocery store where they have a little dining area. There I also bought a hot cup of coffee and proceeded to read a few chapters of a book I'd left unfinished for a few weeks.

After my foray into the grocery store I stopped by the post office.  A wonderful surprise parcel was waiting for me there.

The parcel was from a blogging friend, Joanne, who has a delightful blog called Cup on the Bus.  Joanne is a talented crafts person and she made these beautiful, woven tea towels.

These will be used as covering for bread dough when I set it aside to rise. I think they are far too wonderful to just sit and look pretty but I don't want to use them for drying dishes just yet. That will come later ;-)

So I want to send a big  "THANK YOU" to Joanne for her kindness and generosity. 

I absolutely love my gift.

Go on over and have a look at her blog. She is an amazing grandmother and caretaker to several teens.  She also amazes me with her very full schedule of gardening, chaperoning, accounting, etc.

On Friday I went to meet some friends I haven't seen in decades, literally! Wow I can't even believe it's been that long. One of them is my Sunday School teacher and the other is her son. We had a really nice lunch together and tried to catch up on as much news as possible in the time we had.
If all goes well we will see each other again next year.

 After a full week of rain I'm happy to see the sun again.

Have a wonderful weekend. xx


  1. We had that dreadful weather last week ! It stopped for the weekend ! Usually it' the other way around ! That's nice from Joanne to send you these towels ! Some blogfriends are really precious !

  2. Lovely gift. I like the quote at the start of your post today. I remember a few years ago the project called 29 gifts really helped me out of a dark time. It encouraged you to give something every day and blog about it.....then at the end do it all over! It was amazing what a difference that made, that and practicing daily gratitudes. Your description of the shops on a rainy day really transported me to those places. I have that habit too....coffee shop and a book! Luxurious!

  3. Those towels are just amazing and your friend has a wonderful blog. They are almost too beautiful to use, so covers for bread will be perfect.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Hi Joyful, That is some very nice material you received from your blogging friend. I agree … too pretty for drying dishes, but do need to be put to use and covering bread is a great idea. I did check out Joanne’s blog and that is pretty amazing how she made those towels. This blogging hobby is great … if anything, it is showing me there are a lot of interesting things others are into and experts about. I sure hear you about the rain. Well, I am on-the-road again and over here in southwest Montana where it has been raining for two days … it seems like the weather from Seattle just moves over here. I hope to see some more sunshine before the real fall weather moves in. By the way, I really enjoy the photos you take and share when you are out and around … like on your visit to downtown. I never get enough pictures of Vancouver and the surrounding area. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Wishing you a fine week ahead. John

  5. Hi Joyful! Wow, she made those? Wove them? She is very talented, and such a generous blog-friend too. What a way to lift a rainy day. I'm glad your appointment went quickly, hopefully that means it all went well.
    Nothing like a visit to an old friend. That sounds wonderful too :)
    I'll stop by your friend's blog!


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