Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Precious Water

Recently, my friend Jonah went on another mission to the Pokot people of Kenya, near Lake Baringo (circled in red on the map).

I have travelled to the area a few times and can tell you from first hand experience that is a very dry place.  (Over the last year the general area has been hit hard by flooding and lake overflow causing destruction of several hotels).  There isn't much in the way of towns and cities and amenities beyond a place called Marigat which I have written about before.

Jonah is pointing to some water but this isn't Lake Baringo which is much larger and has resident hippos and crocodiles.

Water is a scarce and precious commodity.

Jonah joins the others in refreshing his hands in the wonderful water.
See all the water bottles and oil containers. The people will fill them with water.

Close Up of Some of the Women 

I love their faces and their smiles. They still show much joy despite the harsh living in a dry climate.

I also love their traditional beaded adornment.

You can help Jonah go on future missions to help the vulnerable.

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Anonymous said...

They do have such lovely faces and smiles! Water really is a very precious resource.

Gattina said...

Living in a country where it rains most of the time, it seems strange to me that there are countries where water is more precious then gold ! It should be better distributed over the world. I love these beautiful collars the girls are wearing !

jabbott said...

Suppose we take water for granted because it is so accessible. It is a precious resource x

Jo said...

Oh my, Penny, reading about the Pokot people again, who live near Marigat, which was only a stone's throw from our house in Keirio Valley, is really poignant. We saw firsthand how harsh life is for these people in these dry areas yet how happy and positive they remain. Bless Jonah for his continued work here. And bless those whose hearts and hands open to help towards this cause. Jo

Cynthia said...

The beaded jewelry is so beautiful. We in the northern hemisphere take water for granted, but for many of the world it is a very precious and apprciated commodity. Your photos are touching.

Debbie Harris said...

How beautiful are these precious people. Look at them as they refresh themselves in the water.
Bless Jonah for the work he does to the glory of God.
This was most enjoyable for me as I visited with you this evening.
Your towels that a blogging friend made for you are just lovely. What a blessing for you.
The Lord bless you!

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