Fading Colour & Parting Gifts

I've mentioned in earlier posts that my garden did not grow well this year. I also didn't do much to try and help it along other than watering but that didn't seem to be enough.  It was so hot and humid this summer and it wasn't until a very late season heavy rainfall that the plants started perking up a bit.

Despite all that, my garden is still giving me some brilliant pops of colour and I am grateful for these gifts.

I apologize for the quality of the photos. I tried hard to get some clear ones but it just wasn't happening today. Perhaps my camera has seen it's better days. In any case, I wanted a photo record of what the summer ended like.

Joining Skywatch Friday this week. Happy weekend!


  1. Your flowers are still looking beautiful, mine have all melted.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. We had a lot of rain, but it came in bunches and not all spread out. A lot of my pumpkins have rot :(.

  3. Beautiful flowers and I also love the pretty blue sky in the last one!

  4. Love the pansies ..mine have all died :-( Nice sky pic..

  5. Your end of summer blooms are so beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous flowers and colors. My success story in the garden this year: Morning glories! One package of seed and tons of beautiful blue flowers. I'm going to add some more colors next year. Now I'm starting to plant greens for salads for the winter. My lettuce grew all winter last year, so I'm adding more varieties and kale. Do you grow things over the winter? I used to have a book called "Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest" that claimed it could be done.

    1. Hi Clair, I don't do any winter gardening. Most people don't here. It is a bit cold for that although I suppose if one had a greenhouse it is possible.

  7. For not being a good garden, you sure do still have a lot of beauties. Yes, a garden is poignant because it comes and goes so quickly, so it's important to appreciate every little bloom as we can. I like your May Sarton quote.

  8. Already a beautiful garden of colourful flowers. You're blessed a good summer!


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