Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taking a Break

Hello dear friends,

I hope this day finds you well and in health.

I am stopping in to let you all know that I will be taking a short blogging break. I've got a number of things that will be occupying my time in the next little while and so I need to organize my time a bit better.

I will still be checking email throughout the days ahead so please do not hesitate to contact me if you like.

Until I see you again the blogosphere, I wish all of you a peaceful and healthy time ahead.


  1. Lovely blooms. Wish you the best in your blogging break.

  2. Hi Joyful, I am also taking a blogging break ... I think they are essential from time to time. I haven't posted for several days now but this morning just checking on a few of my favorite blogs for new posts. Last Friday you posted a wonderful series of sky photos. Enjoyed those very much. I wish you the best until the next new post on SNAP THAT. Take good care!

  3. Enjoy your break; we'll see you down the road.

  4. Wishing you a wonderful break. Hugs, Meredith

  5. I will miss you friend!! Enjoy your break....I hope you get all of those things done and have a lovely time! Be here when you get back! Nicole xo

  6. I hope you have a nice break Joyful, take care. You work so hard so try to rest and relax.

  7. The flower mosaic is very nice,
    have a pleasant break!

  8. Lovely photos.

    I hope you enjoy your break. Sometimes it is very necessary. Blogging is surprisingly time-consuming.

  9. That is exactly what I'm doing, Penny. Blog breaks are productive times for me as well. Have fun. See you again, soon.


I do love to read all your comments and will do my best to return the courtesy. I am no longer on Google + so cannot comment on your blog that way. I tried to open this blog to Anonymous Users but only get Spam so I've eliminated the option. Thank you for stopping by.

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