Sunday, May 3, 2015

No Knead Bread

I've made No Knead Bread only once before but it was the kind that sits overnight in the fridge. It was a different recipe that I seem to have lost and it was a lot stickier than the new recipe I've found. I see the photos that came with the recipe and they show a lot stickier dough than mine though I followed the recipe to the letter (not my usual style, lol).

Anyway, these are photos of the bread. I only let the dough sit for 2 hours, formed them into loaves and let them rise for another 30 minutes before baking. 

Click here for a link to the recipe and all the instructions. I didn't let mine get quite as brown on top for the smoke was starting just as I checked the bread at 30 minute mark. I deemed them done!

The bread is very hot so needs to be cooled off before biting into a slice or two.
They turned out very crusty and that is how I like it!

Have you tried making No Knead Bread before? 
Do you like it?


  1. Good morning, your bread looks delicious. I have never made homemade bread! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  2. Looks delish!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. Never made the "no knead" kind but I know there are yeast free ones. Yours look very yummy.


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