Sky in June

Hi friends,

I hope you have all been faring well.

Since my post about the rain damage and flooding in the northeastern part of the province I've spoken to one of my cousins who lives there. Thankfully she didn't have any rain damage to her home. Her married daughter and children who live in the next town over were out of town when the rains happened. They managed to make it back to home on back country roads before those roads were shut down as regular highways were impassable. I haven't heard of any horror stories (that doesn't mean none have occurred). About 213 people were stranded in back country areas after roads were washed out. I read that generators, fuel and food were being taken to them though am not quite sure how it was getting through.

On Monday and Tuesday this week meetings were being held in some communities to help people apply for Disaster Financial Assistance which is administered by the Provincial government.  This assistance is available to homeowners, residential tenants, small business owners, farmers, charitable organizations and local government bodies that were not able to get insurance to cover disaster-related losses. The province's Transportation Minister says crews were working around the clock to get highways and roads back in order. Five of 6 highways were re-opened and another will be reopened on Saturday though it may take awhile longer to get all lanes opened on every highway.  The financial cost of mitigating all the flood damage is very high especially when combined with the annual costs of forest fires. The provincial government is calling for more federal funding aimed at programs to prevent floods and wildfires due to the fact these are now happening with greater frequency.

Down in the south where I live the weather has been quite unsettled this week. There has been a mix of sun and rain all week. I've been fortunate to get out in the sun several times this week. I don't like hot weather but I do like sunshine. So when the weather is mixed sun and cloud it suits me fine. Tonight it started raining and I think tomorrow there will be more rain.

There was a very interesting movie about a man I'd not heard of before. It stands to reason since I am not a mathematician and this man is from India. The movie is called "The Man Who Knew Infinity".  It was playing at a very late hour but I decided to go and see it.  I'm sharing a trailer for the movie. If you like it I recommend you go and see the full movie if only to learn more of the genius upon which this story is based.

I've been making slow progress on  many things on my 'to do' list which is why I am not posting so frequently these days. I'm enjoying the slower pace as I've scaled back a lot on internet time. I am still visiting many blogs and so many of you will have received a visit from me.

In closing, these are my sky photos for this week's Skywatch Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to see you soon!


  1. Great views of the sky with tree branches.

  2. Hello, I hope all the flood victims get some help. Beautiful skywatch shots. Take care! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh wow, Penny that film looks amazing. I look forward to hearing more once you've seen it. I hope the people who suffered because of the floods will soon be recompensed. Your sky image with the church steeple is striking. Have a great day. Jo

  4. We seem to be having extremes visit us with floods and fires.

  5. Here in northern EU even in UK this type of weather is changing how peo-le can get around too. We were warned years ago but only now do some fokls get that it is a real global change. Thank goodness your family seems well.

  6. Hi Penny, glad you were not affected by the floods, and sorry for the people who where x

  7. Hi Joyful, Thanks for keeping us up to date on events in BC. Sad to hear about the damage due to severe weather. On the other hand, glad to hear you've enjoyed some sunshine. We've had a little down here, but not that much ... it has been quite nice and cool ... so nice I don't even want to mention it for fear of jinxing it! Ha ha. And today is full sun with a nice breeze. 71F as I'm typing this on Sunday afternoon. Can you believe next week is the last week of June and the year is more than half finished? Wow, time is flying. I enjoyed your photos with this post and had to smile at that last one ... you got our favorite church steeple in there! :-) Wishing you a fine week ahead!

  8. You are having rain. We are having drought, although I feel a bit sheepish calling it that when it's only a week or two without rain when so many parts of the hemisphere have had such extreme weather -- drought in California, flooding in the South and southeast. But your skies are so very blue and I'm glad ou have some sun.


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