Happy Friday

Hello everyone,

I hope you've all had a good week.

We've been having a few days of cooler weather and clouds interspersed with a bit of rain. I always like a break in the weather. It adds a little interest to the daily things of life and if it has been hot, it cools everything down as well as helps the grass and flowers grow.

Right now I'm still trying to make time to progress reading

- Common Ground by Justin Trudeau (written before he became our Prime Minister)

I've also purchased two new devotionals.

I seldom purchase new books but I heard these two authors interviewed on television and decided to buy their books
for study.
Most days this week the cloud cover has made for largely uninteresting skies but earlier in the week I captured this interesting sky.

I'm not quite sure but it looks like there are two wispy, long clouds crossed with a trail left by a plane.
What do you think?

I took this photo just over a week ago but  missed sharing it with SWF.

I am glad it's Friday.
I've been so busy with this and that.  I need a rest and some time at home.
After Friday's errands I hope to stay in and do a bit of paperwork
interspersed with reading and generally just try and  relax in between the usual chores one has to do.
Monday we are expecting very heavy rain.
But soon I'm sure we will be back to hot, or at least warmer weather.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Joining in with Skywatch Friday 


  1. The X in the sky is amazing ! Sometimes airplanes leave such traces but it doesn't look like !

  2. I agree with Gattina, I see the X, too! I tried to get a pic of a "fish" cloud this week....I might share it next time. Love to watch the clouds with our grand kiddos! Thanks so much for joining in FFF today....HOPE you get some rest and have a great weekend.

  3. I love to watch the clouds, they are amazing to me. The picture of the church steeple was very pretty, looks like a postcard picture. Enjoy your books, I have a few new ones too that I'm anxious to read. Have a happy weekend.

  4. I always enjoy your sky photos! So pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Your photos are lovely! It was cold here in Montreal yesterday, only 9, which was in the upper 40's. :)

  6. Love the church steeple. i'm always looking for beautiful ones whenever we ride somewhere.

    I love when 2 planes cross & makes a perfect cross in the sky.

  7. It sounds like you've had a busy week and hopefully the weekend will be filled with blue skies, good books and lots of relaxation!

  8. Your skies are beautiful, all good book suggestions, thank you.

  9. What a interesting sky you caught really beautiful. Glad you have brought yourself some interesting books to read in between the paperwork you have to get done. We have to have little treats and incentives just to get the mudane stuff done. I have a pile of washing to fold and put away : (

  10. It's surprising that when we are retired and have time that we have to take a break. I guess that's age catching up to us.

  11. Lovely to see your sky photos I've missed them. Is that a new header for your blog I spy too? Hoping you get the rest you need but glad to hear you've been busy. Lots of interesting links to explore too thank you Penny.

  12. Lovely sky shots, I also particularly like the one with the steeple and the way the light hits the cross at the top.


  13. Hi Joyful, Sure enjoyed your sky photos. The contrails creating the X ... very cool! Always enjoy the church photos. Wondering how the construction is going in the neighborhood? Have a great weekend!

  14. These are lovely sky shots! There's so much in the sky that we don't usually notice.

  15. On Saturday, it was 95 degrees F - today (Sunday) a high of about 70. Go figure.

  16. How was it with the rain today?
    Love you sky photo.

  17. beautiful pictures..


  18. The last two photos are just beautiful!


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