Monday, November 19, 2018

A Few Days In Pictures


The sky as it was on Sunday morning just after 7 a.m.
It was nice to capture a morning without an overcast sky and rain.


Saturday I decided to make  a simple Chili Con Carne in the Instant Pot.

It looks a bit greasy but there is no added oil and the beef was lean.

That gave me a craving for freshly baked bread. I started making it very late but was able to enjoy it fresh before bed time. It was so delicious.


New books I'm reading

Book #54


The description of The Couple Next Door makes me think it's based on Madeline McCann's story.
I've read the first few chapters and it seems very likely the books is based on Madeline McCann's disappearance but the details are probably creative imaginings.

If you are unfamiliar with the Madeline McCann story you can click here to read.

Book #55

I haven't actually started this book (#55) yet but it involves a young girl of 10 who lives with her mother in Vancouver.  A relative from China who was involved in the Tienanmen Square demonstration arrives to seek refuge with them.  You can read more about the book here.


When I am out and about on errands I usually have to have one meal out and most often it is a late dinner. 

Here are two recent dishes both from Vietnamese restaurants.  Both very delicious though in the 2nd dish the vegetables were almost raw. That didn't bother me because I've read that raw or very lightly cooked is much healthier.

Hot and sour chicken soup and a shrimp salad roll with peanut sauce.
Crispy noodle seafood and vegetables.


After decluttering two weeks ago and getting rid of my 4.5 foot Christmas tree I managed to purchase a more suitable one for my living space.  I'd used it for about 15 years, possibly longer so I got my money's worth.
I wanted a new one because I found it difficult to put the Christmas lights on and it is increasingly difficult each year to find floor space to accommodate it.

I gifted my old tree  to a lady who is receiving visitors from Ireland for Christmas and wants to make the house nice and cosy.

I wanted to buy a  table top tree but when I was out shopping I couldn't find a small white one. This week I finally saw the kind I'm looking for in a flyer but the only colour choices were pink and blue. 
In the meantime I've purchased a 4 foot tree. It is pre-lit and about half the circumference of the one I gave away.  
Now I'm searching for a star to put on top. The one I purchased from Michael's was far too heavy so I'll keep on looking.

I also managed to buy a few Christmas gifts. 
I still have to purchase something for my niece but I've spotted something that might be suitable to add to the puzzle I already purchased. She loves puzzles and is very good at them.

I purchased  a few more balls of yarn for the granny square afghan I'm making
I'm not sure what happened but on my way home the balls of yarn went astray.
I called the two places I stopped on the way home and they don't have my yarn.
I'm not happy because of the loss of funds and the loss of time in going to buy them.

I will need to return tomorrow to buy more yarn as I've run out today.
Thankfully I didn't lose something much bigger.

Home Improvements

I finally purchased a long curtain rod for my front room.  In early Fall I purchased and installed a rod and my curtains but it didn't work out. Within 2 hours the whole thing sagged. I took it down and have been looking for a longer one ever since.

I'm going to try and put the new one up and see if it sags.
I wanted to buy additional supports due to the problem I had last time.  But the female sales representative said she used to work in draperies and the rod I was buying was strong enough without additional supports. I doubted her but decided to try it out. I sure hope she is right and that I won't need more brackets otherwise I will have to return to the store and order what I need before the curtains can finally go up.

I also bought some weather strips to put around doors and will get some bubble wrap to put on the large windows to cut down on drafts.  I learned this latter tip from a woman on You Tube called Alaskan Granny.
I've gone years without weather proofing though one year I did put plastic on the lower half of my windows.  That really helped a lot.  This winter I don't want drafts. My feet get too cold.


I'm beavering away on the granny squares and think I will have enough soon. At least I can now envision the final
I'm liking how it looks and the colours seem very popular with the women.
I will show a photo soon. I'll wait until I get to a point where you can see how the final product is shaping up.

I'm not sure yet if I will gift it or try to sell it. It seems there is always someone who can use an afghan for those chilly nights.  As for the three extra afghans I've made, I gave one to a friend for her birthday (berry and pink colours) and I will give one to a friend and one to my brother for Christmas. Both of these are in shades of beige, grey and mustard colours. I haven't yet started on the grey, black and white afghan.

I wish all of you a great weekend ahead.
Prayers for those suffering right now as a result of Malibu fires and other tragedies around the world.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving if you are celebrating in the USA.
Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays besides Christmas and Easter.
In Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving in October.

Joining in with Our World Tuesday today.


  1. What an interesting post with so many activities being shared. Next weekend Buddy and I will be in Vancouver so we shall be able to see some of its beauty. May you continue to enjoy every blessed day. Perhaps our paths will cross at some point?

  2. You've been very busy! The sky shots are pretty and that bread is making me hungry!

  3. Beautiful photos of all that delicious food,your bread came out good x

  4. P.S: Did you see my new post from 8th Oct? I hope to post again soon

  5. Oh wow...that fresh, hot out of the oven, bread looks mighty good right now!! As does your chili.

    Beautiful morning sky! --my favorite time of day.

    I bought a fiber optic tree for this year. Only 'cause of our cat...still a kitten!

  6. Hello, your chili and bread look delicious. I would like the hot and sour soup too. Love views of the mountain. I have a smaller pre-lit tree I have been using for years now. I heard of using bubble wrap on the windows, it sounds like a great idea. You are keeping busy. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  7. Beautiful sky pictures and the bread looks great to eat!

  8. What a wonderful post, Penny. Warm comfort food, good crafting, a little seasonal fun and good books. I've read "The Couple Next Door." I don't always enjoy books like that but this one was really pretty darned good. Hope you like it!

  9. Good morning, sweet friend! It was truly a joy to visit you and oh, your bread looks amazing! Thank you for the lovely photos. Hugs to you!

  10. You are one busy girl! We're better off being very active. You caught some beautiful skies.

  11. Lovely series of sky photos and divinely delicious looking cooking and do hope you find the yarn ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Homemade bread is one of my favorite things and leaves the house smelling so good too.
    Sorry about the yarn.

  13. Wow Penny you are rally busy with somany things. I love your early morning shots, not often these days I get photos early in the day!! The Crispy noodle seafood and vegetables look very yummy and I love mainly raw vegetables..... Have a good week and take care Diane

  14. beautiful sceneries...and.... delicious foods.
    have a great day

  15. Very pretty. Is that a ski run lit at the top of the mountain?

    1. Thank you Al. Yes, it is a ski run at the top of the mountain. At night I enjoy it's lights from my home.

  16. Your homemade bread looks amazing!!And the chile with it looks perfect and warm!!
    Lots of warmth in your post, with the afgahans ,making them seems cozy inside to enjoy the the winter skies and views!! Blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, though I know you celebrated already in Canada, always good to give thanks!!♡

  17. Oh - you had to show pictures of two of my favorite foods - chili and home-made bread!!! Now I have a real hankering, and where am I going to find that at 11 at night? OK, I will just have to be patient. Thanks for sharing all that's new around your place - we just put up our Christmas lights outside the house today - we don't normally do it this early, but the weather was nice and it seemed like too good of a chance to pass up!

  18. I can almost smell that fresh baked bread! I could go for a warm piece of bread right now!

  19. My bread never looks that good!! Love your photos of the sky. I do love me a good bowl of chili!!


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