Tuesday 4 - Autumn Trip

Welcome back to Tuesday 4 in memory of Toni Taddeo. Thank you for stopping by to visit and for (hopefully) leaving a comment. Enjoy your week ahead!

Today we're planning a lovely vacation through New England to see the Autumn leaves.  Money is no object and we have all the time we would like or need for the trip.

1. How many days and  nights would you like to be away?

For my trip to New England I would love to have at least 2 weeks to enjoy the lovely countryside, spectacular autumn leaves, historic sites and beaches. For accommodations we would prefer to stay at some of the lovely historic B & B's but at the ocean front we would love a beach house, preferably a bungalow all to ourselves so we can relax, unwind and come and go as we like to the beach front.

2. What kind of car would you like to take on this trip? Maybe you would enjoy the train? Would you sail up the coast in a yacht?

Most likely we would take a car or rent one after flying to the airport at our first stop. It is so nice to be able to have the freedom to come and go as one wishes to either see the sites or take in dinner and events. If we had a friend who owned a yacht and lived on the east coast, we would most certainly love to spend some time sailing with them up the coast.  Alas we don't know anyone who fits the description so we'll stick to the land by car.

3. Would side trips be on your agenda? Perhaps to Mystic, Connecticut, Salem, Massachusetts, Plimouth, (yes, they spelled it with an "i" ) Massachusetts, Walden Pond, Lizzie Borden's home or maybe the home of  Emily Dickinson, etc.

Side trips are most definitely on the agenda. I absolutely love the autumn season and would love to see as many places as possible. I've spent a short amount of time travelling through some of New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Connecticut) on the way to New York City several years ago.  However it was a real drive through trip travelling back to the Province of Quebec in order to board our flight back to the west cost of Canada. It was late spring or early summer and the leaves hadn't yet turned colour. On this trip I would love to spend time and visit Walden Pond and the home of Emily Dickinson as well as visit some of the historic sites like the Freedom Trail. I would also love to spend several days enjoying the Cape Cod seashore and stay at a lodging along the seashore. Last but not least it would be fun to see Yale and Harvard up close as I've heard so much about these institutions of higher learning. However, all in all, the main purpose would be to enjoy the autumn leaves which I find are more plentiful and vibrant in the eastern part of Canada and the USA.

 4. Lobster roll, chowders, boiled dinners, brown bread, baked beans,  pancakes with real maple syrup, blueberry muffins, Parker House Rolls (well loved by Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  the Kennedy clan.), Toll House Cookies, Red Flannel Hash, Tourtiere  pork pie, (Recipe here)— what native foods catch your attention?

Any and all the food sounds wonderful. I like to sample the local foods wherever I travel. I think the Tourtiere Pie would be so tasty and lobster rolls, chowders and baked beans sound just right for the season.


  1. Hello! Looks like you and I posted a new post almost at the same time after a long break. Now that the typhoon is passed, I’m feeling cool breeze, which made me into the mood for autumn. I’d like to wander through colored leaves, sometimes off the beaten path. To taste local foods like Tourtiere pie is a big part of the joys of a travel for sure. Take care and enjoy your season.


  2. Your trip sounds lovely! Yes, traveling through New England by car is the best way to see and do everything, although I will tell you that sometimes the roads are quite crowded with other "leaf peepers" doing the same thing! Patience is the rule of the day! LOL.

  3. I am with you on the colorful leaves being the best part of the trip if it's a fall trip. It's my favorite time of year and I would certainly enjoy all of it I could.

  4. A week to take in all of the fall foliage is a must!!! Have a great Tuesday!

  5. I think I would definitely enjoy that trip.

  6. What a fun thing to think about. I haven't been to the East Coast/New England for ages and I'd love to go again (and do lots of what you highighted, too!)

  7. I like to try new food and that pie sounds interesting. I will have to look it up. I like your travel plans!

  8. I would like to take two weeks also. I do not like to feel rushed, and I like to enjoy a vacation. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


  9. Hopefully you will get to tour New England sometime. Thank you for joining in.

  10. Loved your answers. I'm so excited to visit that area in a few weeks.


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