Tuesday 4 - Internet

The Internet Age

 Welcome to another episode of Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we are challenged to answer 4 questions on different subjects each week. Thank you to Annie for hosting each week.

Maybe we could talk about the internet this week?  

1. When did the  home internet age enter your life? How much impact has it had?

It took awhile for the home internet to enter my life as I don't usually jump on any 'fads' as soon as they arrive, lol. I honestly cannot remember when we started using the home internet on a regular basis because I was using laptops and desktops at work for word processing and limited internet use for a few years before we had these at home.  I think it was in the early 1990s, possibly even a bit earlier when we had home internet installed.  In those days we tended to use it for learning something as opposed to entertainment, blogging and other things.

2. How powerful an influence if your phone?  For instance, do you feel guilty not answering when you are busy? Do you text back immediately? Does the phone own you? Do you friends feel they should be able to monopolize your time by demanding to know where you were when you didn't answer?  Is it intrusive or welcome?

Cell phones are a powerful influence and I often wish we didn't have them. It is intrusive because that is where I get too many notifications and unwanted phone calls which I tend to ignore.  I subscribe to too many things so there is always something new. I often turn off notifications for a time and I could eliminate most of them but then I'd totally forget about certain things I don't want to forget about.  As it is, I spend a good part of time throughout the day deleting things & trying to identify and keep the things that are most important. Every now and then I cull the subscriptions I have and delete a lot of extraneous email.

I don't get that many phone calls on my cell phone unless it is a service like a dentist or some other service provider, and a lot of crank calls, spam calls or marketing calls. The cell phone reminders about appointments are useful but I get annoyed when service providers call both the landline and the cell phone to leave messages.  Some of them are just trying to ensure that their customers get a message like an appointment reminder or a change in appointments. But spammers and marketers really annoy me when they keep calling and don't leave messages. Friends and family mostly know not to call me on the cell phone and tend to only call my cell phone if they can't reach me otherwise. They know I prefer getting a call on the landline.  In the beginning some people acted like I should always be ready to answer the cell phone just because it rings. Well most of the time I don't even hear it ring or I can't get to it in time. I've explained that I only have a cell phone for my convenience and also for safety reasons, not for having heart to heart talks with people.  Most things are just not that urgent. They generally understand or at least I think they do.  When we do get to talk on my landline it is a much nicer visit and in the comfort of my home.  However, the cell phone is great for keeping in touch with my friends from abroad in Kenya and other countries through WhatsApp and for making quick calls when out and about.

3. What places do you frequent on the net and by phone or PC etc.?  (pc. personal computer, laptop, etc.)

I frequent all the usual places: FB, YT, IG and email. Other than that, I spend time reading blogs, news,  googling directions and travel times and various other things I might be interested in at that particular moment. For example, today I watched a YT channel from Kenya, downloaded statements from the bank, sent email to my bank investor, contacted a local organization about a zoom call for tomorrow and cancelled a physio appointment. I also spent time preparing this blog post and watching a few You Tube videos. I also use the internet a lot for participating in church services, bible reading, questions about spiritual matters and learning more about the work of Christian organizations and other charities. 

4.   Wikipedia is editable and biased  because anyone can edit the articles. Algorithms also determine what you can and cannot find on the interest.  So, how much stock do you place in its information? 

I am aware that Wikipedia is biased but I think all information is biased to some degree. I use Wikipedia a lot especially for fact based information when researching authors/celebrities and their work projects or books, maps and important information about various countries and cities, public figures like politicians and business people I want to know more about, and so on.  I check other sources as well and do a lot of online research in general.  So far I've found the information on Wikipedia fairly accurate for my needs and I do my bit to support the website's efforts. I also supplement the information I find on Wikipedia with other information found on line. If I'm really not sure about something especially with all the fake news these days I try to look at fact checking sites.

I found these questions interesting and I hope you found the answers interesting too! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your visit.


Yes, your responses are very interesting! And the best thing about the internet is we have made so many more friends than we ever could have before...like you! The chances of our ever meeting in the "real world" were practically nil, but now, since we have met here in "blogland", I daresay if you ever traveled this far to my part of the world or vice versa, we just might get to meet one another in person as well! I am thankful for the ways the internet has enlarged my world, but I do govern just how much of the world I allow into my time and mind. This was fun. Have a blessed and wonderful day my friend across the continent and more!
annie said…
I can't have a landline. My house is near the water so the lines corrode. It doesnt happen in all homes but for some reason in mine it does. I love all the people I've met on the net. That is it's greatest value to me. Thank you so much for joining in!
Syl said…
I haven't given my number to others than friends, hospital and such. Those who can call are in the register and pop up with their name or function. No identification? I won't take the call. As simple as that.

Most important to me too is friends.
Susan said…
Many of your answers are like mine. We live in a world of technology with all the good and bad. I try to stay away from negativity. Nive how you can be connected to others in Kenya. We can travel and not leave the home. I need to reschedule a PT appointment too. Enjoy your week!

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