Another Friday Has Come & Gone

My how time flies. I wish it would slow down a bit but on the other hand, right now I'm waiting not so patiently for spring season to arrive because we've had a long, cold winter as far as Vancouver weather goes.

Today we had some glorious sunshine and it being Saturday and the end of spring break for students, everyone and his/her dog was out all over town.  However, the good weather won't last long. In fact it will cloud over tonight so my brother and I went for a wonderful drive up the coast to enjoy the scenery. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Joining in with Skywatch Friday today (a day late). Have a wonderful week ahead.


Red said…
Fantastic scenery . and to thing you just have to look out your window to see this.
Joyful said…
@Red Thanks. I do just look out my window to see spectacular mountains but for these views we drove sn hour north. I just love the coastline.
Nancy Chan said…
Beautiful sky and landscapes.
Joyful said…
@Nancy Chan, thank so much!

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