Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Recent Outings Near Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia

I have a photo dump today. I spent a bit of time travelling further out than usual to enjoy some sunny days and some picturesque scenes. I hope you enjoy.

I went to Porteau Cove just over a week ago and shared a few photos here. But we also stopped at a place called Cypress Bowl Lookout which is on the way to Cypress Provincial Park.

The first photos are taken on the Lion's Gate Bridge on the way to West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

These next photos are the lookout point and some information about Cypress Park.

When you get to the top of the mountain you can see for miles. But often there is haze. On that day you can see a bit of haze over the Vancouver Skyline.

We didn't carry on further into the park itself as we were going up to the small town of Squamish. 

On the drive up there you will see some spectacular scenery but there are hardly any places to stop and actually take photos. It's one of those times you should just forget about the camera and enjoy the scenery. I did try to get a few photos but it isn't very easy due to the forest lining the highway.

You can see the town of Squamish in the valley below.

There isn't much to do in the actual town. We mainly went to catch some sun rays and see the scenery. We stopped at what appears to be a new McDonald's nestled into a nice spot on the outskirts of the town. We also took a drive through the town but I didn't take any photos since there isn't much to see. The surrounding mountains are the main attraction though not far away there are two popular attractions.  One is a very popular hiking spot for serious hikers, called The Stawamus Chief.  Click here for more information. Also close by is a newer tourist attraction called the Sea to Sky Gondola which I've yet to experience. The truth is I'm a little afraid because this popular attraction has been the subject of sabotage on 3 separate occasions over the past several years. Someone or several someone's, keep cutting the cables on the gondola cars This has cost the company a lot of money to repair and escalate more security features over time.

On the return journey.  We stopped off at for fish and chips near the site of the Britannia Mine Museum, an award winning tourist attraction.

I hope you enjoyed the scenery. Thanks for stopping by!


Red said...

Nice tour. It reminds me of some of the trips I took to the coast.

Cloudia said...

BC is very beautiful!

Jeanie said...

Just being out and about it fun even if there isn't much to do in the town. What a beautiful day and lovely mountains!

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