Monday, September 4, 2023

Tuesday 4 Meme ~ Planning


Seeing ahead
Welcome back To Tuesday 4 hosted by Annie.

A wise man once said that most people fall into their lives.   They don't plan and carry out what they would like to do, they just fall into things through circumstances.      Others plan and prepare for life.  They know the kind of person they want to spend their life with, the kind of family, home  or job they wish to have and make a concerted effort to follow through.  

So what about you?

1. Did you plan to be where you are right now in life or did you just end up where you are?

I am a planner by nature though I'm not obsessive about it and I don't plan out every single area of life.  I planned my education, career and travels and those more or less worked out. I also envisioned generally, both getting married and having children when the time came.  But to be honest, marriage was never my big priority in my late teens and early adulthood.  I had no real idea what I wanted in a future husband or about what kind of wedding I wanted.  Most of the young women I knew had very specific ideas about their wedding day.  I just thought it would all come together for me where love, marriage and family was concerned.  Later, I realized that it was difficult for me to find a suitable mate for a great many reasons but primarily spiritual and cultural compatibility.  I began to think that perhaps I would never marry at all so I continued to live and plan for the things I wanted to do rather than waiting.

I had to retire very early due to illness and that certainly wasn't in my plans.  I also didn't plan to have to nurse several family members through their own ill health journeys through to their ultimate passing and then wrap up their affairs after they were gone.  Early retirement also meant my retirement savings were greatly diminished because I was no longer working. In fact, it meant significant loss of resources altogether.  However, I trusted God that it would all work out because he knows everything about us and knows us before we are born (Psalm 139:16.).  Early retirement meant that I finally had time to focus on my own health, helping my family and on doing good where I was able.  It meant I could get involved in missions to Africa more directly.  Later, I was also able to think about having a relationship and getting married.  

Even though all my plans didn't work out quite the way I envisioned them, I am content with the way things worked out.  I prayed about everything in my life (and continue to this day) and believe that all things work together for good for those who are the called according to God's purpose (Romans: 28).  Proverbs 16:9 says "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps".  We never know why things work out the way they do, but God in his infinite wisdom does, and by faith we can trust in that. 

2. What plans did you make for your future and what plans do you have for the future now or are you just marking time?

I am busy doing what I need to do home and health-wise while my husband is busy getting Canadian credentials and working as much as he can. Church and other activities like gardening, crafting, reading, etc. also keep us busy.  We hope to make more concrete plans in a number of areas once DH is more firmly established. Basically, right now, plans have more to do with DH getting further education, work opportunities for him, dealing with all the household needs and how to fund everything. We also do a small bit in missions to Kenya.

3.  Do you live where you want to live or would you have done things differently when planning where to live?

Yes, I am living where I want to live in Canada.  Canada is a cold country in the winter.  Therefore, I live in where the temperatures are more moderate and where we have some of the most beautiful mountainous and waterfront scenery.

When I was much younger I wanted to live abroad.  My late mother convinced me to stay close to home and thankfully I listened to her.  I wouldn't have been able to help her or my late sister when they became ill if  I had gone abroad.  So it's better that I never went at all.  I don't regret my decision because family is very important to me.  I also don't feel that I've missed out on anything.  During my working years and for several years after early retirement, I travelled extensively.  If the Lord enables, I would like to travel a bit more though not as extensively as before.  I particularly enjoying going to Kenya and undertaking grassroots missions in the villages there but I would also like to see some new places just for fun. We shall see what is in the future.

4.  What is planned for this coming Autumn? 

  • trips or plans with family or friends?
  • vacations?
  • holiday plans?
  • Reading list?
This year, I haven't made plans in any of these areas, save for reading. My reading slowed down for much of the year because I was busy working on decluttering and small home improvements. But I'm hoping to read 20, 000 pages before the end of 2023.  I don't have any near term travel plans. I really don't like going away at holidays like Christmas because of concerns over the weather. Even if you are flying to warmer climates from Canada, the flights are often cancelled both in Canada and the USA (connecting flights) due to bad weather.  I also prefer less chaos when I travel and there are far too many people trying to get somewhere at the major holidays. This year I've worked so hard at home that I'm looking forward to a very quiet Fall and Winter. I'm also hoping to enjoy reading and crafts.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again sometime.


Annie said...

I didn't plan as a teen really either. I never thought about marriage and things at all. I was too busy being outdoors and being free to be interested in such things.
Thanks so much for joining in! I appreciate it so much.

Kirstin said...

I enjoyed your answers and stories this week. I never thought about setting a goal of how many pages read..hmmmm...I kind of like that.

**Syl said...

At times I have a book I want to read, but life alwqys steps in and I find myself doing other things, mainly caring for others.
So planning to read and not being able to do it... I might feel failing..

I also think that when my health gets worse I will have time enough to read anyway.

Enjoy your week!

Lowcarb team member said...

Wishing you happy September days.

All the best Jan

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