Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Know What You Will Eat Today?

My blogging friends,

If you know what you will eat today, you are very blessed indeed.

In case any of you are in doubt about whether there are starving Kenyans in the Nation of Kenya, East Africa, I wanted to post this opinion piece from the country's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. He was making a heart felt appeal to the nation through his opinion piece, which I have reproduced in full below (you can also click on the word "opinion piece" to be linked to the original post).

I also wanted to show you what my friend Jonah from the Missions of Hope has been doing in northern Kenya in terms of food aid.  The food relief effort shown in the photos, occurred in March of 2011. It was a relief effort to help the northern Pokot peoples.  Jonah would like to go again next month if he is able to get more food aid and helpers.

I am not making any appeal for money in this post (although anyone who wants to help Jonah with food aid to the Pokot is free to do so here). Mostly this post is to let you know what is happening at this moment in Kenya in case you haven't yet seen it on the news. My friends in Kenya are working as hard as they can to help themselves and help others. Please keep them in prayer. Pray too for peace and plenty in the Horn of Africa and for coordinated efforts at humanitarian aid.

Pokot tribal people in  northwestern Kenya gather for food relief

Village women gather excitedly around the convoy.
Jonah of Missions of Hope and his team of volunteers were able to take food to the Pokot peoples a few months ago. The food shortage has been ongoing for some time in parts of Kenya. 

 Jonah hopes to take another team with food relief in August. 
Please pray for him to have enough helpers and adequate supplies.

My fellow Kenyans it is abundantly clear that we are faced with a crisis of great magnitude.
Our fellow Kenyans are in dire need of food assistance, and several of them have trekked for long distances looking for food and water in order to sustain themselves.
Despite the efforts that the Government has put in place which includes medium to long term measures to address food security as articulated through the last Budget, I appreciate that this situation is urgent and demands urgent action.
These are times when we have to come together as a people, put aside our differences and realise that we are all Kenyans bound by a common heritage and it is our duty to preserve and uphold the dignity and livelihood of one another.
This spirit has been exhibited in the past; during early years of our independence under the call ‘Harambee’, we came together to build our emerging nation. More recently following the turmoil around the events of the last election we came together to assist one another.
My fellow Kenyans, today we are faced with a similar call to sacrifice. I sincerely applaud the Kenyans who have come together to raise money through the Kenyans for Kenya and Feed Kenya initiatives.
I encourage other Kenyans to also come together as individuals in their everyday lives to form groups and make their own contribution towards these efforts. Let us also keep contributing through MPESA to PayBill 111111 or KCB account 1133333338.
The ideal of Kenyans coming out to help other Kenyans is one that I support and has always been close to my heart. Even once we get through this crisis, because we will, this spirit should remain.
In addition to monetary contributions, I appeal to you to come out and volunteer to help our brothers and sisters who are facing this calamity.
It is in times like this that we must look beyond our differences and act as patriotic Kenyans. Always Remembering that we are Kenyans. One people under one flag.
(Mr Kenyatta is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance)


For those of you unfamiliar with the MPesa is a system in Kenya of transferring money to others or paying bills through your mobile phone. This is a wonderful mechanism because many Kenyans live in rural areas without access to banks and bank accounts. In virtually every part of the country you will find a cell phone service provider. Safaricom is, I think the largest provider and they have MPesa but other cell providers have a similar service.

 In addition to starving Kenyans in parts of Kenya, there are now many Somalian refugees streaming into Kenya due to drought and famine. Please pray for this situation as international aid agencies and the United Nations grapple with the crisis.  Also pray for food to be able to be equitably and safely distributed in both Kenya and Somalia to people who really need it. Read more here about hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Photo credits: Jonah at Missions of Hope
Story Credit:  Capital FM Kenya Blog


Jan said...

Thank you for keeping these terrible events and the work going on to help, in our thoughts these days. The news doesn't really tell us all and soon switches to other stories. x

Diane said...

I am very aware of what the situation is over there after living in Africa for 50 years and travelling from Algiers to Capetown. Have a good weekend Diane xx

Roan said...

My heart goes out to these people. They truly do need help.

Fred Alton said...

We saw a report here on TV that the UN was launching a relief effort in Somalia, but it was so brief and no more was heard. Thanks for reporting about this situation here. I'm impressed with Jonah and his work.

EG CameraGirl said...

I wonder why it's taking the world so long to react!

Al said...

It's a very difficult time, and a lot of people aren't aware of what's going on. Hopefully posts like this will raise awareness, although I'm not sure what I can do.

Linda said...

I'm praying lots and lots and lots. A map I saw indicated that even Nairobi, the capital city, is experiencing drought. May God have mercy.


WebbieLady said...

Hoping Jonah would succeed. What noble deeds. I salute people with big heart!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Thank you for the alert. We had received appeal information from a couple of relief organisations, time to take some action.

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