Macro Flowers ~ November 25, 2011

I'm digging around my archives to see what macro flowers I can offer up this weekend.

All of the flowers here are gone until the Spring. 

Flowers always make me smile and bring me jOy. 

I am not entirely sure what this flower is called but I believe it is a "wood anenome". 

Please join Tina at Pic Story and Maia at Macro Flowers Saturday.


Carole M. said…
really pretty, delicate, sweet colour
thanks for your lovely weekend flowers! :)
Diane said…
Those photos make me smile :) Diane
Unknown said…
They're beautiful, and somewhat like the wild roses that grow in the forest here. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Anonymous said…
Flowers are beautiful and they bring me a smile, thank you!
Have a nice weekend, my friend ♥
issatchieu said…
Beautiful closeup shots <3
followed you
Jo said…
You bring joy to so many, Penny. You deserve to enJOY these flowers. Blessings for a wonderful weekend. Jo
LV said…
You found plenty of pretty things to offer us today.
Maia T said…
Gorgeous, it's an anemone, isn't it?
I've never seen a pink one.
It really brings joy and warmth on these cold autumn/winter days.
Jama said…
Gorgeous flowers!
Pat said…
These are lovely pale pink/lavender flowers! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog for Thanksgiving. Hope you are well.
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful flowers.
All the flowers are gone here too.
Have a great weekend.
LV said…
These photos are so beautiful. Very pretty. This inspires me. I am so thrilled that you stopped by my blog:-) Looking forward to seeing more great posts from you!
Kim, USA said…
My first thought it's a rose. I love the color and it's very pretty!

The Lily
Lui said…
Pretty in pink!
But what is it?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brenda Green said…
Beautiful!! now that the flowers are in for the winter, you will have to
find something like the glistening snow or the crisp blue skies to bring you some jOy. warmly me
Joyful said…
Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

Lui, I believe the flower is a wood anenome but I am not 100% certain.

Brenda, I have a few more photos of flowers in my archives but I have also been busy snapping photos of the mountains which I love when the snow is on them ;-)
Eden said…
Beautiful macro shots.
Saskia said…
Good shot. Not only this one. This blog is must nature photograph fans.
I am no good in names, the botton ones, I thought was cosmos. Don't quote me.

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