Intersection of Hastings & Granville

I was in downtown Vancouver just over a week ago.

I took these fun shots of the city sky at the corner of Hastings & Granville Street.

A Blessed Easter weekend to you and your family.

Good Friday graphic 

Joining in with Skywatch Friday


  1. What lovely shots of a beautiful city. Happy Easter.

  2. The sky's so blue. Great photos!

  3. Great photos! Happy Easter!

  4. Lovely captures of the city and the pretty sky! I love the clock & tower. Have a happy Easter & weekend!

  5. Another beautiful sky. Your flag looks so proud, up there.

  6. Beautiful city. I love Vancouver and am looking forward to our next visit in June.

  7. is that a restaurant with a vies or something :)

    1. No it's an observation deck at the top. Long ago, I think it was a restaurant. There is a similar building on Robson Street with a revolving restaurant at the top.

  8. Very nice. I love Vancouver, it's such a great city to walk around in.

  9. Such striking photos you captured that day! The branches are so bold against that sky! A very Happy Easter to you as well! Nicole xo

  10. It is so pretty when the sun is shining! Have a Hapoy Easter!

  11. Really like your 'looking up' shots of the sky and architecture.
    A Blessed Easter to you as well.

  12. What wonderful shots!

  13. beautiful shots!
    happy easter :-)

  14. Great shots of the place. Beautiful.

  15. Great photos Joyful. I'm smiling because I see an answer to a question I had asked in another place. :-) I should have looked at the comments first!!!! :-) I really do like this part of Vancouver. The whole city is one of my favorites. I must get up there soon ... it has been too long since my last visit (last spring). A blessed Easter to you and your family. John

  16. É Páscoa! Cristo está vivo, o túmulo está vazio, Ele ressuscitou!!! A mais bela festa dos Cristãos.
    Crentes no Amor de Deus Pai que nos deu seu Filho Jesus Cristo que permanece conosco pela força do
    Espírito Santos, seguimos nossa caminhada na construção de um mundo mais justo, fraterno, humano,
    harmonioso e de doação.
    Todos somos promotores da Paz!
    Feliz, Santa e Abençoada Páscoa.
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  17. Hi Joyful! I'm just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter. May God bless you and yours abundantly in this holy season.
    Happy Spring too!


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