Monday, April 6, 2015

Pink Eye Candy

Each year I look forward to trees blossoming in the Spring.

However, the last two years we have had very strange weather. 

It makes it very difficult to get many good photos. 

These particular trees on a busy city street don't seem well cared for at all. 

I have never see anyone from the City of Vancouver pruning them, or otherwise looking after them. 

Nonetheless their happy and generous pink blossoms give me a lot of pleasure.

 Especially when I can take photos and view them again and again.

Such precious gifts  I get every year for free and I look forward with anticipation to the time when they will arrive.

I feel so blessed to be the recipient of these glorious gifts that are given so freely.

All I have to do is be outside to savour their beauty.

  I can enjoy them in the rain too.

But to share them with you, I like to photograph them on a sunny day.


 Today I'm sharing these blossoms at Our World Tuesday
and Mosaic Monday.

 Mosaic Monday

Have a wonderful Easter Monday and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What beauty you have captured!!!!

  2. What a gift! I can see why you enjoy them so much.

  3. They are lovely. Sunshine changes everything in photographing.

  4. I love the pretty blossoms and the blue sky. Lovely captures.. Have a happy week ahead!

  5. Cherry blossom against that gorgeous blue sky. Who could ask for more.

  6. Joining you from Mosaic Monday. Here we have glorious pink crab apple trees that bloom in the next few weeks. If the weather stays calm and warm, they will be glorious; if it snows, the wind blows, or it freezes, the delicate little flowers are ruined, much like your gorgeous pink flowers. Your photos certainly are eye candy!

  7. Those blossoms are gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous flower shots! So pretty and creative!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Oh I love the tree flowering time of spring too...May usually here when we see ours.

  10. There's nothing like pink blossoms against a blue sky. Gorgeous!

  11. that´s candy for the eye alright. I can´t wait for the trees to come int bloom where I live. They are not yet.


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