Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Look What the Last Day of March 2015 Brings

The day was not bad as we made our way out of the city in the early morning about 7:00 a.m.  The weather forecast for Vancouver today was heavy rain and thunder.  I was glad it wasn't raining when we left.

In the photo above and below we are travelling over the new Port Mann Bridge. Every time you cross the bridge you must pay a toll fee of about $3.00 each way (more if you take longer than 7 days to pay).  Unlike New York and many other states, you do not stop and pay the fee at the bridge. Instead you pay on line or by cheque. Tourists must also pay.  There are a few exemptions such as emergency vehicles, public transport vehicles, taxis and people with proof of disabilities.

As we head in an easterly direction it looks quite cloudy.

Passing through the City of Chilliwack (photo below) you can see all the water pooling in the farm fields.

We've been getting a lot of rain for well over a week.

A nice rainbow came out as we stopped in Chilliwack for gas.

About a half hour later, the snow started flying. You can see it all over the windshield of the vehicle.

This next photo (below) is near the peak of the mountains on the Coquihalla Highway.

It was very foggy in parts and quite gray in the sky.

I snapped some photos of the trees and road banks just to show how much snow had fallen in a short space of time.

Another 45 minutes drive to the north and we are nearing the town of Merritt, BC.

The sky is spectacular but I see in the forecast that they are expecting snow tonight.

We descend the mountain into Merritt (photo below) where we will make a quick coffee stop.

On the north side of Merritt, we reach what is often referred to as the "Second Summit".  Here you will run into bad weather once again. In winter it is usually very icy, or snowy,  or both.  Today it was snowy and wet.

From this point we are about 40 minutes away from Kamloops, our ultimate destination.

You can see the road sign warning of sudden weather changes.

In this last photo we are descending another mountain into the City of Kamloops.

I made this trip to take my mom for a medical appointment.  Actually I was planning on visiting anyway but when I got the call about the medical appointment, I had to visit on this particular day.  I've been doing a spot of sewing frr mom so delivered some of the new items.  Whenever I visit I always try to make some sense and order out of her wardrobe as staff make a jumble of all her clothing. I also cleared out some of the items I don't think she has been wearing to make room for things to hang properly.

My brother joined me and was there to visit with mom and to touch bases with a few other people while I went to the medical appointment with mom.

The drive back to Vancouver was much of the same weather and we stopped for more gas and a wee bit of shopping before getting home about 10:3 p.m.

It is always good to see mom but it is also good to get home after a long day!

I hope you had a good last day of March 2015 for we won't see it again.

Thanks for visiting!


jabbott said...

You take some wonderful photos love the ones of the bridge. Glad the journey to see your mum went ok too. Bye bye March and Hello April xxx

Jo said...

Wow, that's heavy weather, Penny! I feel cold reading your post. We're not allowed to touch MIL's cupboard as she's still able to use her stuff. And she throws nothing away. We unpacked and got rid of seven suitcases which were in our garage rafters. She'll not need them again as her unit here in Marquard is her last stop! Hope your trip to your mom is successful. I'm sure she appreciates all you do for her. Blessed Passover to you and your family. Jo

Joanne Noragon said...

March certainly was a lion on both ends. What changes in weather!

psychelyn said...

Wow look at that, the weather can be so moody sometimes. I do find it beautiful though. It shows thst weather changes dramatically just like when people experience different sorts of emotions. I like weather differences.

Annie Jeffries said...

Sounds like you live a ways away from your mom. I was close to mine, but my sister lived very far away. It wasn't easy on her. I gald the tough weather didn't keep you away.

EG CameraGirl said...

How strange! You've had mostly mild weather this year so how weird to see snow at the end of March! Have a joyous Easter, Penny!

John's Island said...

Hi Joyful, These are the kind of photos I like to take when I'm on a road trip. Nice work! I feel like I was along on the trip. Glad all went well and you made it over and back safely. Thanks for sharing the photos! Hope you have a blessed Easter. John

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