Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bluetiful Day

One day I was running errands in an area of town I seldom get to. I've had to go that way a few times in the last few months. 

Since it has literally been years and years since I have visited this part of town, the area has changed considerably.  Whenever yuppies move into a neighbourhood, they change the area dramatically by renovating houses, opening new shops and wonderful cafes and coffee shops.

I will have to return in future to check out some of these "new to me" places.

 On my last foray to the eastern part of the city, the sky was an absolutely beautiful blue, or "bluetiful".  It had been threatening to rain all day but the afternoon turned out to be fantastic.

I'm glad I ventured out after all rather than staying indoors where I would be snuggled against the elements. 

I mentioned that this part of town is changing dramatically.  Actually all parts of the city are changing dramatically.  No matter where you look new building and highrises are going up.  I don't usually take photos of the buildings that are going up as there are plenty of those. 

In the photo above, the building was difficult to cut out of the picture.  I also thought that the building added to the "flavour" of what is happening in the neighbourhood.

While I was trying to capture the sky and the contrail I noticed a bird flying by.

Birds in flight are always a nice surprise. 

A few days earlier before these blue and white sky photos were taken I was in a totally different neighbourhood in the centre of the city.  I was there to photograph more tree blossoms.

I wasn't the only one with this idea.

I crossed paths with at least 5 people in a matter of minutes.

We were all taking photos of the lovely tree blossoms.

 It was a very bright, sunny day with no clouds in sight.

I also took photos of beautiful red rhododendrons in full bloom but these photos were overexposed.
 I'm still learning my new camera and perhaps this summer I will get some better photos of flowers.


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  1. Beautiful fair skies! Love the spring blossoms!

  2. Hello Joyful, lovely blue skies! And great captures of the birds in flight.. And the blossoms are my favorite, they are so beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Bluetiful!!! What a perfect description!

  4. Spring blooms against the blue sky is as perfect a day as it gets.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. I love the pink colours of the blossoms, so nice ot see colours after winter isn't it?

  6. Bluetiful indeed! :)
    Great pics.

  7. really bluetiful and such lovely blossoms :-)

  8. Oh, I love all the beautiful blossoms!

  9. Those flowers against the blue skies is just amazing.

  10. I love those flowers framed with the blue sky. There's a tree in front of our house and it's getting ready to bloom. Call me crazy but I am so excited and I can't wait to take photos of the flowers :). Happy weekend!

  11. gorgeous blue skies......i love spring, the trees really steal the show!!!!

  12. should knit a Sky Scarf...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  13. Hi Joyful, What a delight to stop by SNAPTHAT and find a new post full of photos taken in beautiful Vancouver while you were out and around on errands. I have to agree with affectioknit's comment ... You should knit a Sky Scarf. Yes, and I'll bet it would be a beauty. The trees in bloom are really gorgeous. Sometimes nature just seems to out-do itself. The sky photos are one of your specialties ... that bird that happened to be in the photo ... looks like a bigger bird in the 3rd shot ... could it be an eagle? I wonder if you are taking the photos with a separate camera or your cell phone? Either way, they are really good shots. And it does look like you've had some nice weather. Down here, the week started off cloudy and little bit of rain, but today is sunny and warming up nicely. Regarding the new building ... yes, they are going up like crazy in Seattle. I know we have a lot of new residents and, yes, they are like the yuppies you describe. I really think you should put the new Starbuck's Roastery on your list of things to see when you next visit the Emerald City and I will join you there for a cup of coffee. (I posted about the Roastery on December 6 last year and I still remember your kind comment!) Wishing you a fine weekend ahead! John

  14. Beautiful photos ... the row of trees are amazing and well as the blue skies. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  15. Such beautiful skies and flowers in the North America as now in Europe. I hardly see the same in our city Hong Kong. You're blessed !

  16. What a lovely day to document with pictures. It must feel heavenly go walk along the blossom shaded alley.

  17. These are gorgeous. I just love flowering trees like these. Especially the double blooms.

  18. wonderful skies and pretty flowers. Can´t be much better :)


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