Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One Baby's Life - Wordless Wednesday #3

Baby Fidelis
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  1. Oh Penny , can anything be done for this little one?

    1. Hello dear Jo, funds are being collected for the baby, her mom and escort to travel to Canada for surgery in early May. If you, or others wish to donate please click the words "Baby Fidelis" in the photo caption above. It will take you to further information. Thank you for your concern, Blessings. xx

    2. Or simply go to Hope Foundation at and you can make a Pay Pal donation. Please mark "Purpose" as "Baby Fidelis". xx

  2. Surgery these days can have great results, wishing baby Fidelis success!!

  3. I hope there is a proper surgery available for this. The baby needs this very much.

  4. I hope the upcoming surgery is successful and this family has a good outcome. I just want to hug that dad.

  5. God bless him. I pray for a successful surgery.

  6. Bless his little heart... Thank you for sharing the information so we are able to give.
    I sure will pray for this precious little one.

    Bless you, Debbie

  7. Hi! Dropping by to thank you for visiting my blog and for heartfelt comment. God bless your soul.
    I hope and pray that the baby in the picture would get all the help she need for the surgery.


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